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Review: Spotlights:Expressing Yourself

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding, vibrant, and spectacular; ‘Expressing Yourself’ is not a show to be missed! 

Following their third consecutive sell-out summer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Exeter University’s musical theatre show choir, Spotlights, is back with their exceptional show ‘Expressing Yourself’. This talented group of musical theatre lovers took to the stage to perform a brand-new set list, with high-energy choreography seamlessly blended with rich harmonies. With musical hits ranging all ages and genres, from Broadway classics, such as Wicked, to new fan favourites Hamilton and Kinky Boots, and even including Disney tunes from Tangled. Whether you are a theatre fanatic or just partial to occasionally belting in the shower, there is certainly a number to suit every audience member’s tastes. This joyous show is a true celebration of inclusivity, diversity, and being the version of yourself that you want to be. The production was received with consistent cheers and applause – it truly is not one to be missed!   Continue reading Review: Spotlights:Expressing Yourself

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Eco Activism on Campus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll recognise the name Extinction Rebellion. Since the beginning of their ‘International Rebellion’ they’ve become renowned for their civil disobedience, unlawful reputation and disruption of cities. Whilst many may not agree with their methods, this kind of radical activism is vital for creating the real change we urgently need to see in policy and legislation. The sad truth is there is only so much we as individuals can do. In becoming vegan, I was able to singlehandedly reduce my individual carbon footprint by up to 73%. Yet, this is not enough when 20 companies are responsible for a third of the carbon emissions of the world. “If we’re not tackling that then we’re not going to get the drastic reductions we need” according to Skye Frewin, XR Exeter University’s group representative. Continue reading Eco Activism on Campus

Pressure vs Positivity: Body Image on Campus

The intention of an email recently sent by Anytime Fitness to one of its customers (see below) was to be ‘funny’, it however sought to do this by saying that if you can pinch any inch of your body, you are ‘fat’. The email painted a picture of a warm summer’s day, which you apparently have to look skinny to enjoy. It is through ill-attempted, … Continue reading Pressure vs Positivity: Body Image on Campus

The Truth Behind the Year Abroad: Planning & Preparation

If you know someone spending a year abroad in Australia, you may have noticed that the dribble of year abroad posts on social media has already begun. Prepare yourself: it will only get worse. In fact, in less than a month, I will be flying halfway across the world to start my own year abroad in the US, and so, I’ll soon be adding my … Continue reading The Truth Behind the Year Abroad: Planning & Preparation

“#MakeFestivalsAccessible”: Exeter Student Speaks Out on Her Hijacked Experience

Ruby Jones, a University of Exeter student, disabled writer and activist, tweeted last week about the ableism she suffered at Hijacked festival on Thursday 30 May. In the original tweet was four photos of an e-mail she sent to a person of authority in relation to the Hijacked events team with the caption  “my letter of complaint after having to deal with discrimination and medical neglect at Hijacked Festival yesterday – utterly appalled lengthy read but highlights the ableism i had to deal with #makefestivalsaccessible”. The photos she attached describe the incident: Continue reading “#MakeFestivalsAccessible”: Exeter Student Speaks Out on Her Hijacked Experience

Review: Fringe Preview-Shotgun Theatre’s ‘The Remarkables’

After seeing The Remarkables when it first debuted in March, I was intrigued to see how co-writers Matt Smith and Sean Wareing had edited their original musical to make it Fringe-ready. With a few script cuts and new songs, I was impressed to see the changes made while retaining the show’s hilarity and ridiculousness. With an incredibly witty cast and creative team, The Remarkables remains a thoroughly enjoyable and strikingly professional student-written musical.   Continue reading Review: Fringe Preview-Shotgun Theatre’s ‘The Remarkables’