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Interview: Stroll Mates Exeter

The death of Sarah Everard sent shockwaves across the nation; the murder of an innocent young woman, whilst she walked home, highlighting not only the absence of measures to protect women but also the extent of male inflicted sexual violence across the UK. Closer to home, the sexual assault of two female students on campus cast a light on the problem of sexual violence towards women and the existence of rape culture within Exeter itself. Continue reading Interview: Stroll Mates Exeter

Something About this Lockdown Feels Harder

Something about this lockdown feels harder. Perhaps it’s the darkness that starts to creep in before dinnertime. Maybe it’s the weather: mostly grey, always cold, sometimes pouring. Or potentially it’s the sheer relentlessness of it all. Whatever it is, the majority of my days are characterised by a strange sense of time moving at the speed of treacle off a spoon. Continue reading Something About this Lockdown Feels Harder

Review: Com Soc’s A Streetcar Named Shakira

Have you ever dreamt of witnessing a real, live witch burning? Or getting the inside scoop on Gwyneth Paltrow’s successful skincare range? Maybe not, but “A Streetcar Named Shakira” is a comedy sketch show which will give you just those things (and more). Bursting with originality, confidence and energy, this innovative performance engages the audience and delivers a night full of side-splitting laughter. Continue reading Review: Com Soc’s A Streetcar Named Shakira

Eco Activism on Campus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll recognise the name Extinction Rebellion. Since the beginning of their ‘International Rebellion’ they’ve become renowned for their civil disobedience, unlawful reputation and disruption of cities. Whilst many may not agree with their methods, this kind of radical activism is vital for creating the real change we urgently need to see in policy and legislation. The sad truth is there is only so much we as individuals can do. In becoming vegan, I was able to singlehandedly reduce my individual carbon footprint by up to 73%. Yet, this is not enough when 20 companies are responsible for a third of the carbon emissions of the world. “If we’re not tackling that then we’re not going to get the drastic reductions we need” according to Skye Frewin, XR Exeter University’s group representative. Continue reading Eco Activism on Campus

Exiting Exeter

Upon entering my final year, I have an abundance of apprehensions and anxieties about the prospect of leaving my university experience behind and moving onto something different. I have never been good at accommodating change in my life, I firmly hold onto what I know and what I am comfortable with – there are never meant to be waves in my sea. My third and final year at Exeter is already nearly a third completed; time is simply no one’s friend – it is unreasonable, stubborn, will never slow its tempo, or dawdle to let you take a moment in. Continue reading Exiting Exeter

Review: EUTCo’s Port

EUTCo’s production of Port was a fantastic choice by the director, Niamh Smith, to show on the stage of Exeter’s MakeTank. Simon Stephen’s play is a compelling combination of English comedy and reality drama, as it captures the soul of his hometown, Stockport. As I’m originally from there myself, I found this complex love letter to the town particularly touching. This tale is an absorbing … Continue reading Review: EUTCo’s Port

Christmas Countdown: 8 Festive Dresses fit for Christmas Parties

With the Christmas party season on the horizon, there’s never been a greater excuse to pile on the sparkles and sequins. Below are 8 dresses (and jumpsuits) that exude a little Christmas joy without being excessively garish. 1. This sparkly sequined dress would be ideal for glamorous evening cocktail parties. In terms of accompanying accessories, think chunky black heels, minimalistic jewellery (let the dress do … Continue reading Christmas Countdown: 8 Festive Dresses fit for Christmas Parties

Paddon Award Competition Countdown

Paddon Award Competition Countdown! Get your skates on! You’ve got just over a week to get your entry in for the Paddon arts award. It’s open to students, staff and alumni of the University of Exeter not working in the professional arts. Entries are invited in creative writing, visual arts, film and musical composition on the theme of ‘Celebration’, with cash prizes to be won. … Continue reading Paddon Award Competition Countdown

Catching Up with the Cast: Angels In America

As EUTCO’s production of Angels In America fast approaches, we decide to have a catch up with the cast to gain an insight into their reasons for getting involved, what we should expect from the show and the challenges they have had to face so far…   Name and (Character/Production Role) Isobel Knight (Director) Caroline Lang (Director) Henry Smith (Prior Walter) Ollie McLellan (Louis) Jason Pallari … Continue reading Catching Up with the Cast: Angels In America

Catching Up with the Phantom Cast

As The Phantom of the Opera approaches, Rowan has a chance to catch up with the director and cast from Exeter University’s Musical Theatre Society ‘Footlights’, about weird warm up routines, cast divas and challenges they have had to face so far…   A chat with Daniela Goldaracena Parkes (Director) What made you decide to take on Phantom? I wasn’t too keen on Phantom of the Opera prior so seeing … Continue reading Catching Up with the Phantom Cast