RAZZ Interviews the Cast and Crew of Theatre with Teeth’s Hair

On Sunday night, I put on my make-up and dusted off a dress to go to the theatre. The unusual aspect was that it was a virtual one, where Zoom became the stage, but still a theatre nonetheless. It was the first reveal of Theatre with Teeth’s witty comedy, Hair, and with the COVID-19 pandemic putting a full, in-person performance on hold for the foreseeable future, the talented members of the society decided to virtually showcase extracts from their upcoming production. Written and directed by Leila Lockley, Hair tells the story of a young, aspiring Black actress, Ali (Marion Ojua) in her pursuit to break into the industry. However, Ali quickly discovers that the people around her, particularly casting agents, are far too concerned with appearances and stereotypes, as she faces multiple microaggressions and instances of discrimination. Following the performance, I had the privilege of chatting with the cast and crew of Hair to discuss the rehearsal process and the inspiration behind this moving play. Continue reading RAZZ Interviews the Cast and Crew of Theatre with Teeth’s Hair

Review: The Very Thought at The Bikeshed Theatre

Exeter PhD Drama student, Rose Biggin, delivers a stunning one-woman performance. ‘The Very Thought’ brings The Bikeshed Theatre’s From Devon with Love Festival to a climactic close. The Bikeshed, together with their development programme, Framework, has brought us three weeks of varied and brilliant theatre from Devon’s own performance artists. Giving locals the platform for their pieces, The Bikeshed supports innovative works, showcasing everything from … Continue reading Review: The Very Thought at The Bikeshed Theatre

Around & About in Exeter: the Bikeshed Theatre

I recently visited the BikeShed Theatre in Exeter to watch a play on tour from the Edinburgh Fringe and consequently got the opportunity to discover a very cool hangout indeed. The Bikeshed Theatre is one of those elusive places in Exeter that you often hear about and think ‘oooh I must go there’ but never seem to actually visit. It was a rainy, dark Wednesday … Continue reading Around & About in Exeter: the Bikeshed Theatre

The Exeter Blitz Project

  After a sell-out run in May 2012, Viva Voce is back at Exeter’s award winning Bike Shed Theatre with their acclaimed performance of The Exeter Blitz Project. Using first-hand verbatim testimony from those who witnessed the raids, Viva Voce have created an inspiring insight into Exeter in World War Two. “On the night of May 3rd, I recall walking up the road to a … Continue reading The Exeter Blitz Project

Exeter Ignite Festival

IGNITE: Exeter’s Six-day Theatre Festival 3 – 9 June 2013 Any space can be a theatre, anyone can tell a story. Exeter will host a six-day celebration of new live performance work from the South West and beyond. Over fifty performances are to take place across the city at venues including Exeter Phoenix, The Bike Shed Theatre and The Cygnet Theatre as well as pub venues … Continue reading Exeter Ignite Festival

EUTCO’s First Film – Intimacy

EUTCO, known best as a theatre company, are producing their first film! Razz reporter Stephanie Cross recently had the opportunity to find out more about the filming project, and have a sneak peek at some of the final scenes they were shooting. She managed to grab a few quick words with Ryan, the director of ‘Intimacy’ (previously titled ‘Private Lives’) and Amelia, EUTCO’s publicity officer to find out more about … Continue reading EUTCO’s First Film – Intimacy


   Theatre in Exeter … but not as you know it… Seth Honnor launches a three-year performance project to animate Exeter…   Exeter is about to experience a completely different kind of theatre.  In You With Me, there’s no stage, no visible actors, no audience sitting comfortably.  Instead, this production offers a personal, unique and totally different experience, taking participants on a journey through Exeter and … Continue reading KALEIDER

I Could’ve Been Better On the Road

Razz members Hannah Burke-Tomlinson and Luke Gaillet bring you two exciting reviews. One of theatre piece ‘I Could’ve Been Better’ (Idiot Child Company, Bikeshed Theatre) and one of the film ‘On The Road’ (viewed at Exeter Picturehouse)…. I Could’ve Been Better Leaving the theatre, I don’t know what to think. And I’m not sure anyone else would either. If someone wanted to they could write a review completely … Continue reading I Could’ve Been Better On the Road