Preview: Reclaim The Frame Launch

In 2018 Birds’ Eye View launched the BFI-backed Reclaim The Frame project – a mission to bring ever-greater audiences to films by women, offering a wider perspective of the world. Birds’ Eye View is a charity whose focus for the last 16 years has been on raising the commercial and cultural impact of films written by or directed by women – demonstrating how varied the female gaze can be and celebrating the difference. Continue reading Preview: Reclaim The Frame Launch

Review: Maverick Sabre @ Exeter Phoenix

Maverick Sabre played to a nearly sold out crowd at the Exeter Phoenix on Friday night and delighted his large, passionate fan-base with a mix of brand new spring releases and older hits.

OLIVIA, a London-based, up-and-coming, indie singer-songwriter, played a half-hour set to open the evening. Her pop-come-R&B sound and youthful, honest lyrics garnered the full attention and engagement of the growing audience throughout her set. Her recent single ‘Reason to Stay’ can be found on Spotify and has enjoyed significant success in the independent music scene. But it sounds even better live, its lighthearted lyrics and playful rhythms creating an intimate, relaxed atmosphere and winning over Exeter’s crowd, just as it has won the singer an online following. Continue reading Review: Maverick Sabre @ Exeter Phoenix

Review: Theatre with Teeth’s Jawbreaker Variety Night

Theatre with Teeth took over the Exeter Phoenix on Thursday 21st February for a night that promised music, comedy, spoken word and theatre – a showcase of Exeter’s talent. Auditions happened weeks ago and the successful performers represented the best that Exeter could offer. The evening did not disappoint in all that it promised. Priced at an ambitious but justified £10 per ticket, the evening was jam-packed with touching, funny, punchy and eclectic performances in all spheres of the arts. The evening was split between the auditorium, for performances with larger numbers, more sound technology and anticipating larger audiences, and the workshop, a small, brick-walled room with the feel of an underground Soho jazz bar. However, the audience numbers were equal, with people moving around the venue and piling up at the door of the workshop to get a glimpse.
Continue reading Review: Theatre with Teeth’s Jawbreaker Variety Night

Review: Odd Encounter @ Exeter Phoenix

Odd Encounter was… well, just that, a very odd encounter. Upon entering the ‘Workshop’ room, I was welcomed by an exceptionally friendly and glittery drag queen, Mysti Valentine, who was to be the one of the stars of the show. The description of this performance was vague at best, so I went in with an open mind and was not disappointed. As Britons do best, … Continue reading Review: Odd Encounter @ Exeter Phoenix

Review: Lights! Planets! People! @ Exeter Phoenix

Molly Naylor’s play Lights! Planets! People!, which premiered at the Exeter Phoenix last night, weaves together the titular words in a surprising but congruent way in the character of Maggie Hill, a sixty-year old, gay, bipolar, space scientist. As Maggie (Karen Hill) tackles issues in both her work and personal life, the audience were gripped by Maggie’s progress towards greater self-realisation and acceptance. Continue reading Review: Lights! Planets! People! @ Exeter Phoenix

Interview: Molly Naylor, Writer and Director of ‘Lights!Planets!People!’

Lights! Planets! People!, written by Molly Naylor and performed by Karen Hill, begins its tour this weekend, commencing with a performance at the Exeter Phoenix. This one-woman play tells the story of gay, bipolar, space scientist Maggie Hill through the narratives of a lecture Maggie is giving young women about her career in science, her first therapy session, and her failed attempts to contact her ex-girlfriend. Continue reading Interview: Molly Naylor, Writer and Director of ‘Lights!Planets!People!’

Review: Shotgun Theatre’s Bonnie & Clyde @ Exeter Phoenix

Dramatic, sexy and thrilling, Shotgun Theatre brings to the stage of Exeter Phoenix a production about the iconic criminal duo that captured America’s hearts in the 30s. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow start off as young teens full of ambitions and craving for fame and admiration. Trapped in America’s Great Depression, the two fell in love as young adults and turned to stealing and killing to achieve their dreams. Continue reading Review: Shotgun Theatre’s Bonnie & Clyde @ Exeter Phoenix