Review: No Hot Ashes @ Exeter Cavern

Having only recently started listening to No Hot Ashes’ music, I had perhaps strangely high expectations for this gig. The band’s almost indescribable sound is captivating, seemingly mixing funk instrumentals with the forceful vocals of punk, and something I knew would be even more impressive live.

The night started with two support acts, Harry Mason and Paradigm, who managed to breathe some life into the otherwise unfortunately sparse venue, certainly catching the attention of the people who did attend. However, with the introduction of No Hot Ashes to the stage, people seem to come out of nowhere to gather a fairly decent crowd for an early evening midweek gig. Continue reading Review: No Hot Ashes @ Exeter Cavern

Review: Benjamin Francis Leftwich @ Exeter Cavern

Benjamin Francis Leftwich, acoustic folk singer songwriter, performed at Exeter Cavern last Saturday, an artist who conjures a distinct sound in others’ heads: fingerpicked guitar, hushed-almost-wispy vocals, and melancholy lyrics. Despite the wispiness of his vocals, they were enough to consume the underground of Exeter Cavern; enough so for Leftwich to even step away from the microphone at times. Continue reading Review: Benjamin Francis Leftwich @ Exeter Cavern

Gig Review: Eliza and the Bear

We suspect our first glimpse of Eliza and The Bear was outside of Cavern as we were queuing up, followed by a large crowd of buzzing groupies. I say suspect, as by the time we had realised that something exciting was happening the leaders were far in front and obscured by the bobbing heads following them. Our second sighting would be a lot more successful. … Continue reading Gig Review: Eliza and the Bear

Gig Review: Frank Turner at Cavern

Since discovering Photosynthesis when I was 14, I have been desperately waiting for the opportunity to see Frank Turner live; after seeing him this Wednesday at Exeter’s very own Cavern, I am 100% sure that it was worth the wait. The show was part of Cavern’s 25th anniversary celebrations, and there are many other amazing acts still to come, but no matter what comes next, … Continue reading Gig Review: Frank Turner at Cavern

Interview: Ivy & Gold

Ivy & Gold, London-based duo of Rachel Wilkinson & Jamie Davies, opened for Laura Doggett in Cavern two weeks ago. I managed to have a chat with Rachel, the sylph-like figure behind the power vocals, about their music & what they’ve been doing. She’d somehow managed to spill some of her drink on my (fortunately, black) coat and was extremely apologetic, despite my hastening to … Continue reading Interview: Ivy & Gold

Interview: Twin Wild at Cavern

Imran, David, Richard and Ed make up the four-piece rock band Twin Wild. Originating from London the band is currently enjoying their first ever tour, supporting Nothing But Thieves, and showcasing their latest tunes including the massively successful Fears. Just before they were set to perform at The Cavern we were able to catch up with the boys and have a quick chat about tour … Continue reading Interview: Twin Wild at Cavern

Interview: Nothing But Thieves

We’d barely descended into Cavern when a friendly Essex voice greeted us with a “hey what up, love”. With Dom being the first to enthusiastically acknowledge our presence, the rest of the down-to-earth band members welcome us to talk with them. Conor (vocals), Joe (guitars), Dom (guitars), Price (drums) and Phil (bass) make up Nothing But Thieves – the band with the beautifully intense vocals, … Continue reading Interview: Nothing But Thieves