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A Guide to Overcoming Burnout

Most of us have been there. Panic coffees and Red Bulls driving you through the 2am slog on the morning of deadline day, fuelled by the last of your adrenaline with no time to even worry about how you got in this position. At least, with the dull droning of the pandemic in my ears throughout my final year at University, I’ve certainly been there more times than I’d like to admit this year. I feel like I’ve been verging on the edge of “burnout” territory since November. Continue reading A Guide to Overcoming Burnout

Toxic Productivity and Why You’re Probably Experiencing It

Productivity seems to be society’s obsession. Whilst a strong work ethic is a desirable quality, a fixation with it can lead to a mindset that is dangerous and harmful to our wellbeing. Perhaps we are left with a feeling of guilt no matter how much work we get done, or perhaps we become so overwhelmed with these thoughts that we are unable to work at all. Productivity is a spectrum, and ‘toxic productivity’ actually lies at both ends; mental health nurse Emma Selby defines the term as ‘an obsession with radical self-improvement over all else’, a goal which is ultimately unachievable. Continue reading Toxic Productivity and Why You’re Probably Experiencing It

Tips for a 2nd (chance) 1st

With deferred and referred exams rearing their ugly heads, some people are probably panic reading their notes whilst attempting to work out what that lecturer said way back in October, and trying to decipher their incomprehensible post-Arena handwriting. Well if this sounds familiar, here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions which have helped me to get through exams and may help you to: 1. do a … Continue reading Tips for a 2nd (chance) 1st