Events to Get You Through the Post-Christmas Blues

Term two is underway, Christmas is a distant memory and it’s so dark that by half five you want to get into bed and call it a day. Never fear- here are some of Exeter’s finest offerings for February and March to keep you occupied until the sun actually decides to come out again. Continue reading Events to Get You Through the Post-Christmas Blues

Preview: Showcase-Jazz Orchestra & Ballroom and Latin Society

Enjoy live music? Want to get dressed up on a gloomy Monday evening? This Monday (25th November) you can be transported into Hollywood for a night in the movies, with Ballroom and Latin society and the Exeter University Jazz Orchestra. From Grease, to James Bond, Harry Potter to Rocky Horror, there promises to be something for everyone! Find our event on Facebook or message Ballroom and Latin or Jazz Orchestra directly for more details. For only £5, a bar and amazing music and dancing it will be a night to remember! Continue reading Preview: Showcase-Jazz Orchestra & Ballroom and Latin Society

Review: Poltimore Festival 2018

Poltimore Festival 2018, the annual arts and music festival held just outside of Exeter, celebrated its eighth birthday with its most successful event to date at the eponymous aristocratic house on Sunday 27th May. All funds raised from the day, including ticket sales and 30% of the profit from the catering stalls, went towards The Poltimore House Trust whose aim is to renovate the crumbling … Continue reading Review: Poltimore Festival 2018

Ruby Tandoh’s ‘Eat Up!’ Book Event

Food today is confusing. Well, perhaps not food itself, but the exhausting narratives of diet culture, wellness, good fats and bad fats certainly permeates into our brains and dictates to us, like a toxic friend, what we should be eating. In this landscape, I’ve often wondered why I’m craving a simple cheddar cheese sandwich on puffy white bread, like the ones from my childhood, when … Continue reading Ruby Tandoh’s ‘Eat Up!’ Book Event

London calling…

There’s still time, if you’re out and about in London this month, to catch some really interesting events at the London Literature Festival which began on 30th June. Events conclude on July 14th so take a trip to the Southbank Centre and catch creative writing schools, readings from authors such as Jane Harris (Gillespie and I), and other amazing live workshops and performances. Many of … Continue reading London calling…

Arts Week Event: Our Creative Project

As most of you know the theme for our next issue will be… ‘IMAGINATION AND INSANITY’  Exciting right!? So along these lines we will be running a creative project for everyone to get involved in tomorrow at our Arts week event… This project will hopefully be featured in our issue and is a great chance for everyone to get a little creative and get into … Continue reading Arts Week Event: Our Creative Project