Sancho’s Secret Student Sale

Walking up to it, the warm glow of Sancho’s shop draws you in, lightbulbs hanging gracefully from the ceiling. The place is crowded with students, their chatter filling the air. The temptation of the 20% off sale and free candles with each purchase has tempted quite a few, even on this chilled October afternoon. The shop is just the right size for one to feel cosy and have a pleasant experience. Exploring around the comfy winter clothes it is easy to feel at ease surrounded by the greenery of plants inhabiting the corners of the shop, hinting at the eco sustainable nature of the venue. Accompanying your journey through the fully recycled coats and hand-crafted jewellery is the lingering flowery aroma of scented candles and spiced cinnamon. Continue reading Sancho’s Secret Student Sale

Ethical Fashion: What It Is & Where To Shop

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to pressing global issues such as climate change and modern slavery. However, the ethical fashion movement seeks to address the social and environmental impacts of fast-fashion consumption. One of the key aims of ethical fashion is the fight for human and animal rights. The movement seeks to expose exploitative working conditions of those along the production … Continue reading Ethical Fashion: What It Is & Where To Shop

How Clean Are Your Clothes?

Razz sat down with Catherine Cartwright, a local artist and print maker, who is spearheading a campaign as part of the Grand Challenges scheme to educates students about fashion ethics. Catherine will be on campus in the Forum from 10-4 on Monday 17th March, where her talking shop will engage the University’s sartorially brilliant students in discussing the heritage of their clothing. Catherine would love … Continue reading How Clean Are Your Clothes?