EJ Plays: Oscar Noms

LISTEN HERE It’s awards season! And whether you think they’re relevant or not, around 1.08 million people in the UK tune in to watch the Academy Awards (according to very dependable The Hollywood Reporter), with upward of 65.346 million keeping up with the Oscar winners worldwide. This EJ Plays: Oscar Noms playlist is a compilation of music from films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards. … Continue reading EJ Plays: Oscar Noms

EJ Plays: Blues Run the Game

You may be aware it’s January again: congratulations on making it back and welcome to the year 2018. There are so many reasons why people don’t like January: it’s dark, it’s cold, and after the excessive festivities of December, January seems rather dull. These complaints and various others are symptomatic of the dreaded “January blues”, which is apparently a real mood-disorder and one that a … Continue reading EJ Plays: Blues Run the Game

EJ Plays: You Don’t Own Me

If you’ve grown sick with disappointment, disillusionment, and anger created by the deluge of unacceptable behaviour from the political and (pseudo-)talented elite, then I might have just the remedy for you… Although intended to be used for short-term relief, full playlist intake is recommended at height of: Indignation, Inertia, Inferiority, General bewilderment, All of the above. The structure of the playlist intends to, firstly, indulge … Continue reading EJ Plays: You Don’t Own Me