The Life Chronicles: Blinkers

Angie was slow my mother used to say. She told me she was ‘out of it’, and needed Adderall to help her focus. I was the younger daughter, by five years, so this gave me an internal feeling of superiority. I used to get called bright in comparison. I was naturally focused, but Angie didn’t seem to envy me, so she resisted the prescriptions my mother pushed for. Continue reading The Life Chronicles: Blinkers

Fringe Fever

There is something undeniably exciting about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year was my sixth time going but it was just as fun as the first. For the first time, I plunged into the darker worlds of cabaret and burlesque, of late night comedy and drinking shows. One day, I was strapped into an ‘aeroplane cabin’ in a shipping container (Flight), on another I watched as a gigantic Frankenstein statue was suspended over my head (A Rocky Horror Picture Show at Frankenstein’s Inn) and as a man created the illusion of a moving motorbike with two glow sticks (Police Cops in Space).  I saw a street performer balance a spinning basketball on his nose as he played a guitar, and attended a show where the theatre was turned into a nightclub and the audience danced on stage with the performers (Even Hotter). In total, I managed to pack twenty-eight shows into eight days. Despite seeing so many, there were definitely a few which stood out from the rest. Continue reading Fringe Fever

S***faced Shakespeare at the Fringe

As soon as I arrived in Edinburgh I was whisked from beneath the low grey clouds into a cosy and softly lit pub. This wasn’t your standard smelly local, however (I’m looking at you, Wetherspoons). The Brass Monkey had raspberry gin and tonics on offer, rather than 3 VKs for five pound. There was a special ‘cinema room’ at the back of the traditional pub, filled with monkey-themed movie memorabilia, mattresses and pillows to sprawl … Continue reading S***faced Shakespeare at the Fringe