Review: The Crown Season Four

As the final season of Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth graces our screens, there is a lot of talk about the new season of The Crown. The highly anticipated TV drama is now finally getting to the juicy bits of British Royal history with the divisive Thatcher administration and the introduction of Lady Di. For many viewers, this is one of the most exciting TV drops of the year, as the Diana scandal is still fresh in the minds of many Brits. It certainly made for interesting viewing, but did it live up to the hype? Continue reading Review: The Crown Season Four

Why Princess Di is still at the Forefront of Fashion

When you think of 90s fashion, what first comes to mind? Cycling shorts, baggy sweatshirts and high-waisted jeans? Oversized blazers, scrunchies and tiny shoulder bags? If you’re thinking that sounds like a rundown of what you’d see walking into Urban Outfitters, you’d be correct. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a revival for all things vintage – and no-one exuded 90s cool better than Princess Diana. Continue reading Why Princess Di is still at the Forefront of Fashion