Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais 2.0

Fozz: You’re so lucky Katrina. You got to have another dinner date with me. Are you sick of them yet? Like how sick are people of reading our conversation review pieces?

Katrina: I mean obviously Comptoir aren’t sick of them since we got invited back again! And as much as I may be sick of spending sooo much time with you, I’m definitely not tired of the food.

Fozz: For sure – I started with the Halloumi and Za’atar Man’ousha Flat Bread which is like a cheesy garlic bread but with mint. Obvs I love garlic bread, but the mint provided a refreshing difference I’d never had before. It was overpowering like I’d spilt Colgate on my starter (other toothpastes are available), but just a flavoursome surprise. Although there was far too much for a starter, you had a much better sized proportion.  Continue reading Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais 2.0

Review: Spork’s First Birthday

I must have walked past A Little Drop of Poison dozens of times during my time in Exeter. The pub on Fore Street blends away into the background, unlike the Chev or The Black Horse, with even the doorway quite easy to miss. But in this pub in Exeter, where the ceilings are so low your whole hand can lie flat on it if you stretch up, there is a spoken word night once a month called Spork. Continue reading Review: Spork’s First Birthday

Off-Campus Study Spaces

Exam season is looming over us already, and with deadlines creeping closer it means that the library is always jam–packed with stressed students trying to cram their minds with vital information. Unless you manage to get to the library at the break of dawn it is nearly impossible to get a seat. However, it is not just the library; pretty much every square inch of campus is full of students, leaving people at a loss to find revision space. For some, it is easier to revise outside of the home environment as there are fewer distractions. Therefore, I have comprised a list of the best off – campus study spaces Exeter has to offer. Continue reading Off-Campus Study Spaces

The North Devon Solidarity Network

Let it never be said that art has no place in politics. The North Devon Solidarity Network (NDSN) is an autonomous democratic affinity group, formed three months ago. What does that mean, exactly? In the group’s own words, “Rather than being directed towards one single goal, it’s aimed at encouraging and facilitating local grassroots activism in North Devon, and hopefully the rest of the South … Continue reading The North Devon Solidarity Network

Gig Review: All We Are + The Livework Unit at The BikeShed

Sitting in the library desperately trying to concentrate on an essay that’s frying your brain, only to look out the window and realise that at four o’clock it’s nearly dark, is not the best of feelings. In one of my many moments of turning to social media relief, I stumbled across a tweet advertising a gig that night at The BikeShed Theatre, featuring the likes … Continue reading Gig Review: All We Are + The Livework Unit at The BikeShed

Walking In Their Footsteps

With Freshers’ Week quickly approaching, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when you promise yourself you’re going to make the most of your time in Exeter, whether it’s your first year or your last (eek!). One of my personal yearly promises to myself is to write more, because every writer knows that the first rule of being a writer is to, … Continue reading Walking In Their Footsteps

The Devon County Show Behind the Scenes!

Razz enjoyed an amazing, sunny day out at the Devon County Show this week to shoot an off the cuff spread for the next issue, ’90s and Now’! Here are some behind the scene shots as editor Becky and writer Daryl struggled to find the balance between healthy journalistic enthusiasm and childlike excitement at all the animals and free food… All in all, we had … Continue reading The Devon County Show Behind the Scenes!

Unique Boutique

Devon seems to be a haven for local arts and crafts. And considering Christmas is coming up, that means an opportunity to find some amazing gifts. Unique Boutique has teamed up with Exeter Phoenix for the 3rd year running, to hold 2 markets this December. Saturday daytime market: 1st December 11am – 4pm. Late night shopping evening market: Thursday 6th Dec 5-9pm. Unique Boutique is all … Continue reading Unique Boutique

Crikey it’s Vintage!

For those of you who wandered down Queen Street in Exeter on the 19th November, it may have just been another non-eventful Sunday afternoon. However, it became very difficult for the average weekend shopper not to notice the Crikey it’s Vintage! Christmas fair. Situated in the Thistle Hotel, I decided to give up battling the cold wind and give in to curiosity and step inside to see what this … Continue reading Crikey it’s Vintage!