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Why Small Talk is Becoming a Big Problem

Small talk is perhaps the most important aspect of communication in modern-day society. It allows us to express our individuality in conversations, be this with our friends, or with complete strangers. In the age of zoom meetings, breakout rooms, awkward silences and technical hitches, however, it is sadly the fallen soldier of in-person social interaction for many people. Studies carried out by the BPP University … Continue reading Why Small Talk is Becoming a Big Problem

Social Discoing: The Persistence of Party Culture

Clubbing and COVID-19 are not a match made in heaven, to say the least. While the two completely juxtapose one another, club owners and managers are trying desperately to work within restrictions to keep their businesses afloat. Prior to the 10pm curfew, many club goers were offered a COVID-friendly way to enjoy a booze-fuelled night with their friends. Table service and seated dancing acted as … Continue reading Social Discoing: The Persistence of Party Culture

Review: La Haine

La Haine, or Hate as it is known in the US, is a 1995 French drama following a day in the life of three young men wandering the streets of Paris. They are all reeling in the aftermath of their friend, Abdel, being arrested and experiencing severe brutality at the hands of the police. This triggers major riots throughout the city. One of the men, Vinz, played by a young Vincent Cassel, is ready to take his aggression and frustration out on anyone he meets, whether they be the police themselves, women, or other angry young men just like him. His hate and anger lead to deadly consequences for both him and his friends Said and Hubert. Continue reading Review: La Haine

Navigating Conversations about White Privilege

Like many other white people amid the Black Lives Matter movement, I have been questioning how I can become a better ally. Where to begin? Acknowledging white privilege is the first step. Listen to what people of colour are saying, read up and question where white privilege can be seen in your own life and the world around you. It is as easy as looking … Continue reading Navigating Conversations about White Privilege