The Life Chronicles: The Therapist’s Wife

He sculpts characters out of them. The people who dig money out their pockets to sit on the sofa opposite and spill out the contents of their tiny minds. Listening to expansive life stories. The he-said, she-said of adult life. Branches spilling out like tributaries, he gets lost in a spiral for an hour before the timer goes off so he wraps it up and stuffs the fresh narrative in a file for next week. Continue reading The Life Chronicles: The Therapist’s Wife

“The Mirror”

She had caught her reflection in the mirror, and once her eyes had found it they were not inclined to let it go. It was not vanity or a certain degree of self-obsession, but rather it was curiosity and the pursuit of study. She liked to see herself as others saw her, to see herself like a stranger she would pass on the street, to see herself as someone and something she does not and may not truly know. To see herself as all surface and no depth, a shell with no echo of the sea. Continue reading “The Mirror”

The Life Chronicles: Never Ask A Stranger On A Coach Why They’re Crying

He is travelling from home to a weekend with his girlfriend. Crammed in a window seat on the coach after running for his London connection. In a pair of jeans and a pale green shirt. Thirty-eight with flecks of grey hair rising in the arches of his hairline like new rot. He holds a copy of a Sunday Times Bestseller in one hand, and in the other, his phone. He sips a coffee from the fold out tray in front of him. Alert to the goings on out of the coach window, he turns to face inwards for one moment; and in that moment catches the eye of the girl sat next to him on the aisle seat, pressed up to her sports bag as though it were a life source. In the moment they make eye contact he sees that she is crying. Crystal tears building like soap suds in her eyes. She looks away and stares at the blue lights on the ceiling of the coach. And he wonders why she is crying. It’s unusual to cry on public transport, he thinks to himself. Continue reading The Life Chronicles: Never Ask A Stranger On A Coach Why They’re Crying