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Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais 2.0

Fozz: You’re so lucky Katrina. You got to have another dinner date with me. Are you sick of them yet? Like how sick are people of reading our conversation review pieces?

Katrina: I mean obviously Comptoir aren’t sick of them since we got invited back again! And as much as I may be sick of spending sooo much time with you, I’m definitely not tired of the food.

Fozz: For sure – I started with the Halloumi and Za’atar Man’ousha Flat Bread which is like a cheesy garlic bread but with mint. Obvs I love garlic bread, but the mint provided a refreshing difference I’d never had before. It was overpowering like I’d spilt Colgate on my starter (other toothpastes are available), but just a flavoursome surprise. Although there was far too much for a starter, you had a much better sized proportion.  Continue reading Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais 2.0

Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais

Fozz: I can’t believe we got invited back to Comptoir Libanais. I really enjoyed the food the last time we went but omg that review we did – I got so many comments about how cringey it was!

Katrina: I would say that we’ll try to make this review less cringey but, to be honest, I really don’t think we can make any promises on that. It was great to be invited back to Comptoir though, and given how much I enjoyed it last time, I definitely had high expectations for this meal. What were you expecting? Continue reading Review: Exeter’s Comptoir Libanais

Review: Comptoir Libanais’ Christmas Menu

Fozz: So Katrina, I need to thank you properly for our cute little date night the other day where we got to try the new Christmas menu at Comptoir Libanais! I really enjoyed myself, and the food was pretty good…

Katrina: The food was so good! I’ve never been to Comptoir Libanais so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As we walked in, I got a really nice vibe from the place straight away and everyone was very friendly. But back to the all important food, what did you think of the menu variety? Continue reading Review: Comptoir Libanais’ Christmas Menu

Restaurant Review: Comptoir Libanais

As you walk into Comptoir Libanais one word springs to mind: extra. Like that one flatmate who desperately wants to tell you about their ‘crazy’ night at Unit 1, Comptoir Libanais is practically screaming for your attention. The wildly patterned décor is coloured in an array of greens, blues and reds, while hanging from the ceiling are dazzling lightbulbs, each with a different lampshade. The … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Comptoir Libanais

Review: Comptoir Libanais

On the 1st October, Exeter welcomed yet another new restaurant in the rejuvenated Guildhall with the grand opening of Comptoir Libanais. Mainly a London-based chain, the restaurant is only the second of twelve to open outside of the capital city, aspiring to provide the West with wholesome Middle-Eastern food. Comptoir Libanais literally translates as ‘Lebanese counter’, and this is exactly the vibe you get. The … Continue reading Review: Comptoir Libanais