Reviews in Retrospect: If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin

None of James Baldwin’s books express passion, tenderness and grief as well as If Beale Street Could Talk (1974). After I read Baldwin’s Another Country (1962) during lockdown, I made it my mission to read every one of his novels, his writing completely struck me. Of-course his novels remain extremely relevant to the present day, they focus on questions surrounding sexuality, race, and religion which art and literature continues to confront. However, it was the soul and passion in his writing which had me consuming one book after another. Continue reading Reviews in Retrospect: If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin

Virtual Worship in Lockdown: The Technological Future for Faith Groups

Lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis has had an inevitable impact on several facets of people’s life. From working to hobbies, we are all figuring out how to adapt important areas of our lives. One of these impacts is on our spiritual lives too, and has been felt on a global scale. Internet searches for the word ‘prayer’ have surged during the pandemic, as questions around spirituality arise during times of difficulty. From local to international scales, religious groups, organisations, and leaders are navigating a drastic reconsideration of how to continue their religious practices in the midst of this never-seen-before situation. Spring is a particularly active time in many religious groups’ calendars, and significant celebrations and religious events have undergone rapid transformations. Continue reading Virtual Worship in Lockdown: The Technological Future for Faith Groups

Interview: RAZZ x Recognise Red

During RAZZ’s SHAG Week (Sexual Health and Guidance week), online deputy editor, Holly McSweeney had the wonderful opportunity to interview Campaign Manager Abigail Hartshorn and Publicity Officer Emily Black from the anti-sexual harassment campaign Recognise Red as an extension of our recent collaboration. Their discussion covered the origins of the campaign and getting it off the ground, the incredible work it does to sustain engaged discussion surrounding sexual harassment and the main challenges faced within that goal. One thing that seemed to come up across the conversations was the challenge of  making specific positive change on the Exeter campuses while remaining connected to broader national and international movements too. Their discussion follows: Continue reading Interview: RAZZ x Recognise Red

Review: The 10th Annual Exeter Poetry Slam @ Exeter Phoenix

Now in its tenth year, the Exeter Poetry Slam gathers twelve of the best poetic performers from across the South West and whittles them down to one winner after three intense knock-out rounds. I had the pleasure of going to watch it at the Exeter Phoenix, and left feeling a renewed passion for slam poetry, having been a keen fan of the form for years. Nights like this weren’t just designed for Gen-Zers like me, raised on Olivia Gatwood and Button Poetry, however – this was truly an event for everyone, young and old, poetry fans and those new to the art (apart from Tories, who, had any actually been in attendance, would have been slammed to the point of no return, such was the passion of the poets talking about inequality). Continue reading Review: The 10th Annual Exeter Poetry Slam @ Exeter Phoenix

Exeter Respect Festival

What is Exeter Respect? Exeter Respect is the city’s annual celebration of diversity where performing and creative arts and community activities are used to promote multi-cultural understanding and challenge prejudice. Our centre piece event, Respect in the Park has become Exeter’s  biggest and best community event, attended by a staggering 20,000 people last year! Belmont Park will once again be transformed into a vibrant festival site … Continue reading Exeter Respect Festival

Recycling Books with Book-Cycle

As you may remember, Razz did its issue 9 photoshoot at the charity based book shop, Book-Cycle. Just to refresh your memories, Book-Cycle works on a basis that you come in and pay what you want for a book for a selection of donations (most people choose a fair price I might add!). You’re allowed to roam around in this nature for up to three … Continue reading Recycling Books with Book-Cycle