Review: Emma

Rating: 5 Stars

As a Jane Austen fan, I was thrilled by the prospect of another adaptation of Emma, my favourite of all her novels. The trailer had made Autumn De Wilde’s version look amazing. It did not disappoint. I had been anticipating its release for months, and planning to see it with my mum, another Austen fan, for ages. We planned to go and see it when I came home for reading week.
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First Date Stories: “This is the Moment You’ve Been Waiting For”

*Trigger Warning: unwanted sexual advances*

I distinctly remember getting ready for my first (and worst) date, dispelling any nerves by blaring out Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ and heavily applying Maybelline’s Baby Lips! We had decided to go and see The Great Gatsby at our local cinema and after insisting that he paid for our tickets and snacks, brandishing two £20 notes (flashing that cash) that his Dad had given him to “treat” me with we found our seats and the adverts began. As the lights started to dim, I felt his hand on my knee – I thought nothing more of this until he started moving higher and higher up my leg and becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, my 14-year-old self suddenly rushed into action, slapping his hand and quickly hurrying out of the cinema. Naturally, he came speeding after me and as I quickly SOS messaged my Dad to come and collect me, he insisted on waiting. We proceeded to engage in a deeply awkward silence as I glared at him, too cross to speak, until he leaned in towards me with the grotesquely cliché line, “This is the moment you’ve been waiting for”, to which I instantly sprung back and his kiss caught the edge of my ear!!! Fortunately, my Dad’s car emerged around the corner several seconds later. I made my lucky escape and never spoke to Mr ‘Handsy’ again. Continue reading First Date Stories: “This is the Moment You’ve Been Waiting For”

Review: Judy

For a film about a performer, Judy starts with a brilliant apparent break of the fourth wall. I struggle to remember a film with a more apt beginning. The structure of the film is further used to great effect by balancing the enrapturing beginning with an emotive end; it would not surprise me to see the odd tear shed as the lights come up. Continue reading Review: Judy

Review: Downton Abbey

Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many television shows that unite three generations within my family; our separate interests couldn’t be further apart from each other. Yet, the golden exception to this rule, Downton Abbey was watched and adored each week by my grandmother (who loved the history), my mother (who loved the costumes) and myself (who still is utterly in love with Tom Branson)! Naturally, we were all thrilled to discover that our favourite drama had made it to the silver screen and I went to watch it with my grandma on its opening night. Continue reading Review: Downton Abbey

Review: Mary Poppins Returns

Practically Perfect in most ways! The return of this magical nanny to our screens has filled the void of what has been one of the longest gaps between film sequels in cinematic history. Mary Poppins Returns is an energetic sequel which doesn’t try to usurp or compete with the original, very aware that the original is not a force to be reckoned with. Nonetheless, this … Continue reading Review: Mary Poppins Returns

Film Review: The Girl On the Train

Rating: 3/5 Unlike (seemingly) the rest of the world, I had not delved into the phenomenon that is Paula Hawkins’ novel, and consequently knew nothing of the plot when I sat down to watch The Girl on the Train last Sunday. In all honestly, I didn’t read it because as soon as I heard the words ‘unreliable narrator’, I thought ‘Gone Girl’, and one psychological … Continue reading Film Review: The Girl On the Train

The Place Beyond the Pines

Much like director Derek Cianfrance’s previous work, Blue Valentine, I would hazard to suggest that The Place Beyond the Pines is a film that has unfortunately gone unnoticed by many viewers. Those who did see it will know that it is a film with many elements at work; the surface excitement of bank robberies and motorcycle chases are balanced out by complex relationships and hard moral decisions. While the … Continue reading The Place Beyond the Pines

Fatboy Slim Live: From The Big Beach Bootique in Exeter

Fatboy Slim fan? Like the sound of a cinema dance party? Then we’ve got a treat for you! Exeter Picturehouse is to be one of the few cinemas to participate in the screening of Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Bootique, filmed at Brighton’s AMEX stadium earlier this year. The production includes Fatboy Slim’s latest material and greatest hits, as well as a spectacular display of lasers, … Continue reading Fatboy Slim Live: From The Big Beach Bootique in Exeter