Interview: Save the Children Society Supports Moria Refugee Camp

Online Editor, Miriam Higgs, had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Save the Children society’s President, Alex Madden, and Campaign Officers, Poppy Pearce and Juliet Jarvis regarding their Moria Refugee Camp support programme. They discussed the foundations of the campaign and getting it off the ground, how COVID-19 has changed the face of donating and giving aid, and how Save the Children and charity societies more broadly are so important in establishing a support network within the student community. Their discussion follows: Continue reading Interview: Save the Children Society Supports Moria Refugee Camp

More Than Moustaches: Why Movember Matters

Now that the month is over, it feels like a good time to consider the scope of what the Movember movement is tackling in terms of men’s physical and mental health. First started in 2003 in Australia when four friends asked twenty-six others to ‘bring back the trend’ of growing moustaches, Movember has come a long way – raising £598 million over the last sixteen years. The annual event has become about more than just growing out your facial hair, with men and women across the globe raising awareness and money for this worthwhile cause. Continue reading More Than Moustaches: Why Movember Matters

Follow that Rhino!

Since returning back to Exeter, or arriving for the first time as a new student, you’ve probably noticed a number of new residents sharing the streets of Exeter with you. These are not people, or even real life animals, but rather, life-size sculptures of rhinos, which have been decorated by local artists to raise awareness of rhinos facing extinction. The rhinos in Exeter are only … Continue reading Follow that Rhino!

Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste: How To Save the World From Fast Fashion

If I had to pick my favorite European country, it would be Sweden, where Alfred Nobel manufactured dynamite, where Basshunter recorded his debut album, where Jonny Johansson gave away his first hundred pair of jeans before Acne swept Europe with its awkward but extremely beautiful fashion silhouettes. But its most important contribution to the world to date might just be the export of ‘fast fashion’ … Continue reading Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste: How To Save the World From Fast Fashion

It’s A Girl

It seems incomprehensible to me that a mother might dread the birth of a baby girl today. This is an age where a life of marriage and children for women is increasingly seen as an option as opposed to an immovable destiny, where stay-at-home husbands and breadwinning wives are common, and where even the archaic institution of monarchy in UK has evolved so that a younger son no longer takes … Continue reading It’s A Girl

Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop

Update your wardrobe for charity! All in the aid of the charity, Enabling Evie 11 Oct 2012, 12-3pm. Free entry! Need a new winter wardrobe, but struggling on a student budget? Need a clothes clear out? Donate, swap and shop at Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop. Enabling Evie is a charity set up to support baby Evelyn Shears.  She has a current diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, a movement … Continue reading Exeter’s Clothes Swap Shop