Frost on Film: Ad Astra

A Mesmerising Journey to the Stars

Over the last ten years or so there has been a renaissance in science fiction. Ever since the 1969 moon landing the topic of space travel had slowly begun to die out. That was until Gravity changed the game, once again using outer space as a centrepiece for storytelling. Since then, other films like Interstellar and First Man have followed in its footsteps, striving to make interplanetary travel seem more real by pushing the boundaries of CGI realism. However, amidst all this technological brilliance, Ad Astra takes a step further into the unknown by making the commodification of space travel appear ordinary. Continue reading Frost on Film: Ad Astra

Frost on Film: Tarantino’s Greatest Scenes

‘I think this just might be my masterpiece’
A look at some of Tarantino’s greatest scenes

When Quentin Tarantino puts pen to paper, something special is never very far away. Over the course of his directorial career, Tarantino has written some of the most iconic dialogue ever put to screen and with the release of his new film – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – the promise of some juicy exchanges seems like a given. Continue reading Frost on Film: Tarantino’s Greatest Scenes