Dear White People by Lumba Phiri

Dear white people,

I’d like to go home now. I have seen the way that you look at me. I have heard the things say, I have lived amongst you afraid. You have worn me down, you have torn down my boarders, weakened my resolve, finished my tears. You have said your peace, spoken your truths, forced me from my house. You say I have germs, say you cannot touch me for fear you will be infected, you say I am unruly. You shout I am primitive. You, who came into my home uninvited, who stole my things, dragged my family from their chairs and made them kneel. You, who dug up my diamonds and loaded them onto your ships, who spat on me and took my food. Continue reading Dear White People by Lumba Phiri

Waste Not, Want Not by Tumi Rachel Adebimpe

Youth, they say, is wasted on the young.
So how about a generation that will prove them wrong?
A generation not fooled into thinking that alcohol, sex, and the internet are the pinnacles of their existence;
Not even, dare I say, deceived into believing that their worth and future is found in securing a graduate job.
Where is the generation that will realise that this youthful vigour is not forever, and will instead channel it into bettering the world and themselves?
The generation who will value eternity more than temporary pleasures?
The generation who will value time as a precious commodity, waste it not on discontent, and say “YOLO” not as an excuse for foolishness, but a somber reminder of the importance of stewarding time well.
Is this generation confined within the parameters of wishful thinking, or is it already here?
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