Autumn TV Pick: Shalom, Friday Night Dinner!

To many of you, I’m sure Friday Night Dinner is already a beloved modern classic. It was to my friends’ upmost surprise when I recently announced that I had never watched the programme before. Previously, when I had heard other people discussing it, I had ignorantly dismissed it as being just another Come Dine With Me style cooking show. When I finally got round to giving it a watch, I was undoubtedly stunned to find it was quite the opposite of the tame cooking show I had been imagining. Within a few minutes, I found myself close to tears as a result of laughing so much. Instantly, I felt accustomed to the characters and to the setting. Continue reading Autumn TV Pick: Shalom, Friday Night Dinner!

Autumn Playlist

With the hours of daylight decreasing and with the bitter cold of winter just around the corner, autumn is often given the reputation of being the dreariest of months. My English Lit teacher at college summarised November as being a “truly hopeless month with not one good thing about it”. Yet being born in autumn, I’ve always looked forward to when the leaves begin to turn orange and walking down cobbled paths filled with crispy leaves and conkers. There’s Halloween, bonfire nights and fireworks. The beginning of the season of hot chocolates and cosy nights by the fire. In an attempt to try to bring out the autumnal spirit, I’ve put together a playlist of some of my current favourite songs to listen to on those late October walks. Continue reading Autumn Playlist

Pear and Chocolate Crumble French Toast

With Bonfire Night’s pulled pork, burnt marshmallows, cinder toffees and bitter ales behind us, there’s less than a month to experiment in the kitchen before it’s all about three bird roasts, apple and sage stuffing, pigs in blankets, goose fat potatoes, vol-au-vents, mince pies, brandy butter and port. Three gleaming weeks to nourish the festive spirit (nostalgia, comfort, indulgence and all) without a figgy pudding … Continue reading Pear and Chocolate Crumble French Toast