Review: Lucian Freud: The Self-Portraits @ The Royal Academy of Arts

This winter the Royal Academy of Arts has exhibited Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits. The collection of portraits ranges from his early career in 1940, to his most recent work in 2001. This masterfully curated exhibition focuses on the self and demonstrates how Freud’s painting style has changed and matured over time. The exhibition progresses from his early surrealist painting, to his later brutally realist work, exposing the frailty of his aged body. The style of his portraits is striking and contradictory as Freud resists being exposed and “known”, he hides in his paintings, yet also maintains intrigue as the subject of the portrait. Continue reading Review: Lucian Freud: The Self-Portraits @ The Royal Academy of Arts

Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’ – A Profile

Sandro Botticelli. One of the most famous artists of the Renaissance, and universally known for his beautiful and distinctive paintings. His art hangs in the Uffizi, the Louvre and the National Gallery, to name but a few. During the Renaissance, artists often took inspiration from the classical world, as they saw this as one of the greatest ages of human accomplishment. They strived to recover … Continue reading Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’ – A Profile

Exhibition Review: Simon Bayliss ‘Kangaroo Beach’

Based in St Ives but raised in Devon and the Bahamas, contemporary artist Simon Bayliss’ newest exhibition fits perfectly with the Exeter Phoenix, our city’s thriving cultural arts centre. Often exploring the conflicting feelings of respect and irreverence in a place steeped with proud artistic and cultural history, Bayliss’ relationship with the Cornish landscape features strongly in his work. This latest exhibition kicks off an … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Simon Bayliss ‘Kangaroo Beach’

Exhibition Review: Visible Girls Revisited @ Exeter Phoenix

Everyone has those dreadfully embarrassing teenage pictures that you and your friends snapped in your bedroom at 14-years-old. Now you keep them under lock and key in a box in the bottom of your wardrobe because, for some reason, you just can’t get rid of them. Every time they resurface they bombard you with memories of intense laughter, overdramatic teenage angst and hopeless lovesickness for … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Visible Girls Revisited @ Exeter Phoenix

Artist Profile: Shizuka Yokomizo

This series of photographs were taken by Shizuka Yokomizo in the 90s. Yokomizo never met her subjects, but posted a note through each of their doors requesting that they stand in their window on a certain day at a specific time. These encounters seem to effect the subjects in different ways. While one stranger appears curious at his window in his boxers, another seems more preoccupied with … Continue reading Artist Profile: Shizuka Yokomizo

Missed Connections

The American-founded website craigslist is used to post advertisements: for jobs, dining room tables, dates, room vacancies… it also has a certain reputation following the scandal caused by its ‘adult services‘ page. Hidden in the ‘personal’ ads section, however, is something different: a page titled ‘Missed Connections’. If you’ve ever seen the odd poster in a train station (“blue eyed beauty from Acton, you know who you are – call me…”), this is essentially a place … Continue reading Missed Connections

We Are What We Remember

J Patrick Boyle is based in the UK, having spent the last few years working as an artist, producer and curator in Bristol.  Using an array of media, he re-appropriates ephemera he finds, such as seemingly random texts from Tumblr feeds, to single lines from chart songs of the ‘80s and ‘90s, in order to explore the debris of popular culture. He displays these lines removed from … Continue reading We Are What We Remember

Bill McArthur: Artists of the Orkneys

Reading the recent feature on Hiroshi Sugimoto and how the sea inspired his work, I was reminded of artist Bill McArthur. After moving to the Orkney Islands, his art concentrated heavily on the sea (the main view on a small island). He was interested in wave action and the way in which strong winds de-naturize water, turning it from a liquid substance to flying wind-borne spray. … Continue reading Bill McArthur: Artists of the Orkneys

Razz Profiles: Hiroshi Sugimoto

HIROSHI SUGIMOTO With her ever-changing ways, it is unsurprising that the sea has existed as a central motif swirling throughout the elaborate novel of human life. Pulled, pushed, and tugged by the gravity of Earth’s faraway moon, the ceaseless rhythm of the sea’s fluid force rising, folding, and then collapsing again and again over jagged land has seduced the hearts of individuals from all walks of life – one of which being the … Continue reading Razz Profiles: Hiroshi Sugimoto