Exhibition Review: Simon Bayliss ‘Kangaroo Beach’

Based in St Ives but raised in Devon and the Bahamas, contemporary artist Simon Bayliss’ newest exhibition fits perfectly with the Exeter Phoenix, our city’s thriving cultural arts centre. Often exploring the conflicting feelings of respect and irreverence in a place steeped with proud artistic and cultural history, Bayliss’ relationship with the Cornish landscape features strongly in his work. This latest exhibition kicks off an … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Simon Bayliss ‘Kangaroo Beach’

Art Review: Exeter Art Soc’s “Your Scape”

  The Art Society’s Your Scape exhibition is being held currently at the Exeter Phoenix; the paintings hang on The Walkway, next to the café. There were several striking pieces from amongst the collection. An array of styles and mediums confirmed the individuality of every artist. Where some chose classic waterscape, like Sarah Harrington’s “Monet’s Garden”, which was done on canvas in textured acrylics, others chose … Continue reading Art Review: Exeter Art Soc’s “Your Scape”