Trending on Twitter: Instagram Museums

A new form of art museum is popping up in major cities all over America. Dubbed the Instagram Museums, these spaces display immersive art displays in themed rooms, designed to produce the perfect Instagram selfie or boomerang. Hearing this, the obnoxious humanities student in me wants to rant about how the idea of tailoring art to Instagram cheapens it to a merely aesthetic object, devoid of meaning or history, and how the popularity of these new museums threatens more traditional art museums. But I’ll try to resist that for the moment. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: Instagram Museums

Thread Art

Thread art is exactly what it sounds like: art made from thread. Here are some of the best artists in the field. Sebastien Preschoux Preschoux’s works are spontaneous, simply drawing the thread out and seeing where it takes him. “The important thing is to have a tactile relationship with the material, to be able to dread the qualities and the defects” – Preschoux Preschoux collaborates with … Continue reading Thread Art