Review: Lucian Freud: The Self-Portraits @ The Royal Academy of Arts

This winter the Royal Academy of Arts has exhibited Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits. The collection of portraits ranges from his early career in 1940, to his most recent work in 2001. This masterfully curated exhibition focuses on the self and demonstrates how Freud’s painting style has changed and matured over time. The exhibition progresses from his early surrealist painting, to his later brutally realist work, exposing the frailty of his aged body. The style of his portraits is striking and contradictory as Freud resists being exposed and “known”, he hides in his paintings, yet also maintains intrigue as the subject of the portrait. Continue reading Review: Lucian Freud: The Self-Portraits @ The Royal Academy of Arts

Review: ArtSoc Exhibition Night

The spring exhibition for Exeter Art Society was held in the main ballroom of Reed Hall and the atmosphere of the night was permeated by music from the Exeter University Jazz Band. This ambitious showcase of art, music, and dance proved to be an incredibly enjoyable evening, and one that highlighted the amazing artistic talent of many students at Exeter. There was a wide selection … Continue reading Review: ArtSoc Exhibition Night

Exhibition Review: Another Spring

At the heart of Exeter, almost hidden down Gandy Street, is Exeter Phoenix. Apart from being the home to various ‘Showcase’ events, Phoenix has plenty to offer. It’s an exciting, high-caliber arts venue that is famous for its cinema, theatre, radio station, art workshops and art galleries. From the 4th of May, it is home to Another Spring, an exhibition that showcases the work of … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Another Spring

Exhibition Review: Young in Hong ‘The Moon’s Trick’

Young in Hong is a Bristol-based artist whose work is inspired by South Korea’s recent political and cultural history. Her latest solo exhibition, The Moon’s Trick, is on display now at the Exeter Phoenix. Her work is a mixture of embroidery and sound installation which takes inspiration from found photography of urban scenes, events and protests in a post-war Korea. The three room exhibition begins … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Young in Hong ‘The Moon’s Trick’

Exhibition Review: Visible Girls Revisited @ Exeter Phoenix

Everyone has those dreadfully embarrassing teenage pictures that you and your friends snapped in your bedroom at 14-years-old. Now you keep them under lock and key in a box in the bottom of your wardrobe because, for some reason, you just can’t get rid of them. Every time they resurface they bombard you with memories of intense laughter, overdramatic teenage angst and hopeless lovesickness for … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Visible Girls Revisited @ Exeter Phoenix