My Culture Comforts: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I unintentionally rediscovered a huge part of my childhood that I had almost forgot existed – Alice in Wonderland. I reread the book for one of my modules, and it was the most nostalgic thing I’ve done in so long. As a kid, I was obsessed with fantastical stories and escapism, and rereading this one brought everything back. So I watched the film again (the Tim Burton one with Johnny Depp in), and it’s safe to say it remains one of my favourite films ever. With all that’s going on at the moment, it was a nice little escape from reality. Strongly recommend! Continue reading My Culture Comforts: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

down the rabbit hole

Several members of the Razz committee, plus beautiful model Kate, spent the weekend getting lost in the wonderland that is Reed Hall Gardens shooting the next fashion spread for Flights and Fantasy, our next issue. We chose Alice in Wonderland as our starting point, and reinvented several looks for the spread. But I can’t give too much away – that would ruin the fun. If … Continue reading down the rabbit hole

razz in wonderland

Razz spent a wonderful weekend getting covered in mud, smashing china, and eating sesame snaps all in aid of our winter photoshoot… Our photographer Rosie, Emma, and Razz model Kate. Emma choosing dresses… a little bit of tree surgery… Rosie and Kate a very conveniently coloured bush Ellie, Emma, and many, many scarves getting dark… Teapots were accidentally harmed in the making of this photo shoot. We will be posting … Continue reading razz in wonderland