It’s Debatable: Uni Drinking Culture

Buckle up. I hope you’re ready for one of the most brutally honest articles I’ve written. I thought it would be difficult advocating drinking culture at university, because it can so easily become a habit that is hard to break, one of those crutches that we rely on for self-confidence, something we might start to crave because, ultimately, the world feels like a better place a few glasses down and our struggles seem to disappear, like the contents of the glass in front of us. Continue reading It’s Debatable: Uni Drinking Culture

Be Aware, Keep Safe, Have Fun

We, as students, are all too familiar with the standard procedure that ensues on a night out. At the beginning of the night we will almost always pre-drink (for me this is usually a bottle of wine.) Once suitably hammered we then stagger into a nightclub and proceed to order shots, jager bombs and double-whatevers, followed by even more jager bombs. By the end of the night you’re … Continue reading Be Aware, Keep Safe, Have Fun