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Hangover Anxiety: How to Cope with ‘Hangxiety’

“I just want to cry,” I said to my housemate the night after a Big One. I couldn’t understand it. A great night, more raucous behaviour than you can shake a stick at, and there I was exhausted, anxious, and miserable. I slobbed about in my pyjamas from bed to kitchen to bed again, tentatively eating some stale Doritos in the hope that they would soak up some of the vodka swishing around my stomach and cheer me up, to no avail. Even a few episodes of Modern Family couldn’t dispel my gloom; I was well and truly glum. Continue reading Hangover Anxiety: How to Cope with ‘Hangxiety’

It’s Debatable: Uni Drinking Culture

Buckle up. I hope you’re ready for one of the most brutally honest articles I’ve written. I thought it would be difficult advocating drinking culture at university, because it can so easily become a habit that is hard to break, one of those crutches that we rely on for self-confidence, something we might start to crave because, ultimately, the world feels like a better place a few glasses down and our struggles seem to disappear, like the contents of the glass in front of us. Continue reading It’s Debatable: Uni Drinking Culture

Be Aware, Keep Safe, Have Fun

We, as students, are all too familiar with the standard procedure that ensues on a night out. At the beginning of the night we will almost always pre-drink (for me this is usually a bottle of wine.) Once suitably hammered we then stagger into a nightclub and proceed to order shots, jager bombs and double-whatevers, followed by even more jager bombs. By the end of the night you’re … Continue reading Be Aware, Keep Safe, Have Fun