Review: A Fantastic Woman

The winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, A Fantastic Woman, is a fascinating exploration of discrimination, love, and grief portrayed through a stunning performance by Chile’s first openly transgender actress, Daniela Vega. The film follows Marina (Daniela Vega), a waitress and singer, in the days following her boyfriend Orlando’s (Fancisco Reyes) death. The film delves into the prejudice she faces from … Continue reading Review: A Fantastic Woman

Preview: A Fantastic Woman

Winner of this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, A Fantastic Woman will be shown at The Exeter Phoenix this weekend. The film follows the experiences of a transgender woman called Marina in the aftermath of her boyfriend’s death. The film was written and produced by Gonzalo Maza, a current student at Exeter University working towards his PhD in film, and Daniela Vega … Continue reading Preview: A Fantastic Woman