Festive Favourites: The Muppet Christmas Carol

In 1843, Charles Dickens published a novella which defined Christmas for its readers as a time for being surrounded by family and friends. With these timeless themes at the centre of its storyline, it is unsurprising that it has been adapted to film 29 times, not counting the ludicrous number of stage and TV adaptations. However, for me, there is only one definitive film adaptation, The Muppet Christmas Carol, because it would not be an accurate depiction of Victorian London without singing vegetables. Continue reading Festive Favourites: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Review: A Christmas Carol

I think the term ‘like stepping back in time’ is overused, especially when describing anything vaguely not from the modern world. However, for A Christmas Carol, read by Pip Utton as Charles Dickens, it seems wholly appropriate. It is a play not set in our time, nor specifically the Victorian era. Rather, it seems to take place outside of time, getting at the very essence … Continue reading Review: A Christmas Carol