Why Princess Di is still at the Forefront of Fashion

When you think of 90s fashion, what first comes to mind? Cycling shorts, baggy sweatshirts and high-waisted jeans? Oversized blazers, scrunchies and tiny shoulder bags? If you’re thinking that sounds like a rundown of what you’d see walking into Urban Outfitters, you’d be correct. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a revival for all things vintage – and no-one exuded 90s cool better than Princess Diana. Continue reading Why Princess Di is still at the Forefront of Fashion

Artist Profile: Shizuka Yokomizo

This series of photographs were taken by Shizuka Yokomizo in the 90s. Yokomizo never met her subjects, but posted a note through each of their doors requesting that they stand in their window on a certain day at a specific time. These encounters seem to effect the subjects in different ways. While one stranger appears curious at his window in his boxers, another seems more preoccupied with … Continue reading Artist Profile: Shizuka Yokomizo

Issue 15: 90s and Now

The next Razz theme is… 90s and NOW.   We thought we would finish the year with a fun (if not slightly nostalgic) issue! As usual we want opinion pieces, interviews, models, photographers, images, paintings, art, fashion, features, creative writing etc. Here are some ideas to get you started: ‘Cool Britannia‘ In the 90s, a change from years of conservative rule to New Labour headed by … Continue reading Issue 15: 90s and Now