Roaring 20s: The Enduring Dream of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age

It’s been nearly a century since F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby was published in 1925 – painting a glossy, wealthy image of the 1920s Jazz era – and now, as we enter that same decade 100 years later, it seems a revival of Fitzgerald’s world is at the height of fashion, with nearly every NYE party on 31st December seemingly featuring flapper dresses and pinstriped suits. Continue reading Roaring 20s: The Enduring Dream of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age

Cocktails to See the ’20s Back In.

New Year’s Eve is always a time for parties, and this year is especially noteworthy as we will be seeing the 20’s in, and might crave the escapist decadence of the 1920’s. So, dust off your best clothes – as these cocktails demand the suave elegance of a 20’s soiree – pour yourself a drink and enjoy. In this party spirit, these drinks follow the course of the night. Continue reading Cocktails to See the ’20s Back In.

Review: Downton Abbey

Unsurprisingly, there aren’t many television shows that unite three generations within my family; our separate interests couldn’t be further apart from each other. Yet, the golden exception to this rule, Downton Abbey was watched and adored each week by my grandmother (who loved the history), my mother (who loved the costumes) and myself (who still is utterly in love with Tom Branson)! Naturally, we were all thrilled to discover that our favourite drama had made it to the silver screen and I went to watch it with my grandma on its opening night. Continue reading Review: Downton Abbey

HIT ON ALL SIX and our New Logo!

It was just over a week ago now when RAZZ teamed up with Bake Soc, University Big Band, Swing Soc, RAG and the Exeter Phoenix to bring you HIT ON ALL SIX. The night was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who was involved in organising and performing and to everyone that came along and danced the night away (and those last stragglers dancing on … Continue reading HIT ON ALL SIX and our New Logo!

How to do 1920s

Come 2nd December to HIT ON ALL SIX and look dapper as a flapper… All clothing & accessories available from Add some SPARKLE with diamonds and jewels….. …SEQUINS and FRINGING brings Hollywood glamour to the roaring twenties… …For true ‘20s, try a drop waist hem and high neckline… And for the men……. …Keep it simple with a THREE PIECE… …it’s all in the DETAILS: BRACES, … Continue reading How to do 1920s