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The 2018/19 Committee

Online Editor and President: Katrina Bennett


Hi everyone! I’m Katrina and I’m a second-year English student. I’m very excited to be the Online Editor for RAZZ this year! I sustain my busy lifestyle with unhealthy amounts of coffee and not enough sleep, to give me as much time as possible to read, write, socialise and dream about living in France. This year I’d like RAZZ to engage more in pop culture debates, feature topical issues, and include more regular columns. I want our writers to come forward with their own ideas too and write about things that fire them up. I’ve got so many ideas for the future of RAZZ and I can’t wait to bring together my passion for arts and culture to bring these ideas to fruition. Feel free to email us with any queries and we’ll be happy to help!


Print Editor and President: Charlotte Forrester 


Hey everyone! I’m Fozz and I’m currently in my second year of studying English. I’m your Print Editor for this year and am very excited to be the Anna Wintour of Exeter. I’d describe myself as a pop culture fanatic with an interest in socio-political issues, so the print volumes will definitely feature culture with a bite. Each volume will be themed and we’re always open to pitches, as well as other creative submissions – including illustrations which will be a part of our aesthetic for the future. If you can’t find me arguing about chick flicks in my seminars or singing Whitney Houston in a club, then drop us an e-mail or join up to our society!


Deputy Online Editor: Eleanor Rose Gordon 


Hello, I’m Eleanor, a second-year English student and your Deputy Online Editor! All you need to know about me are my obsessive loves of Shakespeare, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and lipstick. As a big theatre and book nerd, I’m hoping to bring lots of exciting literary opportunities to RAZZ, and I‘m looking forward to supporting as many people as possible with publishing their brilliant writing!


Deputy Print Editor: Emily Stearn


Hi, I’m Emily, a third year Art History and Visual Culture student. When I’m not in a gallery or reading and writing about art, I’m thinking about food/cooking/eating. An ABBA enthusiast, avid tennis fan and devoted checker-of-Expedia-for-cheap-breaks, I’m passionate about all things art, food and travel. I’m incredibly excited to help co-create this year’s Print Magazines and I’m eager to showcase the varied talents and interests of EX4, so if you have something you want to write about, please get in touch!


Creative Director: Jing Lau


Hey I’m Jing and I’m a 3rd year English student. I’m a massive fan of comics, animation and illustration, and am a hobbyist graphic designer/digital illustrator. Designing this year’s issues has been an amazingly exciting project so far, and I aim to create a dynamic and vibrant style to go with the fab writing we’ve got on hand. We’re hoping to spice up our issues with more illustrated content this year, so if you’re an artist who would be interested in doing pieces for our articles, or would like to showcase your original work, please drop me a message (also feel free to message if you would like to chat about comics/art!).


Publicity Officer: Molly Thatcher 


Hi, my name’s Molly, and I’m a second-year English Literature student. My passions are literature, history, and everything in between. I drink far too much coffee and spend my free time either reading or watching conspiracy videos. I’ll be running the RAZZ social media sites and letting you know about all of the amazing articles and events coming up throughout the year. If you have any ideas on possible social media features, I’d love to hear them!


Social Secretary: Amy Bond 


Hey, I’m Amy and I’m taking on the new position of Social Sec this year– let me know if you discover any hidden gems in the city that you think the rest of RAZZ would enjoy! I’m a second-year English student, but when I’m not doing my work (rare, I promise…) you’ll catch me reading The Great Gatsby for the hundredth time or trying to convince someone that Liverpool are going to win the Premier League this season. I’m looking forward to some fun socials this year, I can’t wait to get to know you all!

2 thoughts on “Contact The Team

  1. Hi.

    I’ve just spotted that one of my images of Exeter Quay is being used on your website (with my branding removed from bottom left) – the header photo at is my image. I am usually happy for images to be used with my branding and with an acknowledgement, however as this is being used in an unauthorised way I will have to ask you to either take it down or pay for its use. I’m a bit disappointed at a creative magazine using someone’s intellectual property in this way!


    Gary Holpin Photography

    1. Hi Gary,
      Sorry about this, we got your image from VisitSouthDevon website and cited this source of the image at the bottom of the article under the title ‘Featured Image Source’. Your branding wasn’t on the image on the VisitSouthDevon site so we didn’t realise that had been cut off. We’re a very small student publication meaning we can’t afford to pay for images, so I’ve now taken your photo down from the site. Apologies again.

      Best wishes,
      RAZZ Magazine

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