As term one is now in full swing, RAZZ would like to take this opportunity to look back at the much needed and valuable anti-racism work that students and societies at Exeter carried out over the summer period. Over the course of lockdown, many varied and dynamic societies performed important work that RAZZ believes is important to reflect on. We would like to use this termly article as a space where we can bring together and collate the anti-racist work occurring across many varied groups and societies at the University. Whilst we have advertised this space as a place where campaigns and projects dedicated to this movement can be highlighted, we acknowledge this is by no means a comprehensive list. If you or your society are curating a project, launching a campaign or just speaking up in any way about the systemic injustices wrought on our communities by institutional racism, we want to hear about it. Please email with information about your campaign, we will publicise it on our social media platforms and will document and reflect on the work that has been done at the end of term one in the next Anti-Racism@Exeter article. Having these discussions and endeavouring to diversify our community is something we should all be passionate about at Exeter, and we hope you will be inspired by the work of these groups and get involved with this movement yourselves in whatever way you can. Continue reading Anti-Racism@Exeter

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Reproductive Justice: An Urgent Guide

As the 2020 US election has approached, the reproductive rights of American women have once again been called into question by the anti-abortion rhetoric in the power centres of the United States. Donald Trump and the majority of the Republican Party are vocally pro-life, while Democrat candidate Joe Biden is pro-choice and pledges to keep access to abortion safe and legal if he is elected this November. Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in American politics right now; 46% of Trump’s supporters and 35% of Biden’s state it as a ‘very important’ factor in how they will vote in this election. Continue reading Reproductive Justice: An Urgent Guide

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Halloween at Home

I think we can all agree that this year has been filled with enough horror to last us a lifetime; but the only way this nightmare could get worse, is by taking away my favourite time of the year. Halloween has been a fundamental holiday throughout my life and if you think I’m letting COVID-19 stop me from getting into the spooky spirit, you can … Continue reading Halloween at Home

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Living Presently in a Pandemic

You’re confined to your house, have one contact hour a week (where your lecturer spends thirty minutes trying to work out how breakout rooms work), and you can’t help but ask yourself “when is this all going to blow over?” as you devour another batch of your housemate’s cookies. We’ve all been there, but how can we try to simmer down our anxiety riddled brains? As a third year student endeavouring to finish a degree, work a part time job, and not have a mental breakdown during a global pandemic, I have found that practicing mindfulness and taking time to meditate helps to ground me in the present moment and keep me from getting too overwhelmed. We’re all so busy, especially as term starts to pick up, and sometimes we feel guilty for what appears to be sitting down and doing nothing. But maintaining your own mental state is as productive as exercising your body or making a meal and is necessary in preventing burn out and generally supporting your mental health. Continue reading Living Presently in a Pandemic

Hair Discrimination: How Work and School Dress Codes Discriminate against Afro-Textured Hair

As a mixed-race woman whose tight afro curls are more than unruly, I know a little about what it means to be made to feel other as a result of something you cannot change. What I’m only just starting to learn is that these feelings aren’t misplaced or trivial; they are important and worth writing about because countless others are feeling the same way. Continue reading Hair Discrimination: How Work and School Dress Codes Discriminate against Afro-Textured Hair

Private School TikToks: What Drives Pop Culture’s Continued Fascination with the 7%?

I’m not a frequent Tik-Tok user and, after stumbling upon the trend “#privateschool”, I can’t say this is going to change. Since the start of the year, videos of Britain’s most wealthy teens have started to rack up millions of views online and I was curious to see what the hype was about. To summarise, and to save you from watching them yourselves, these Tik-Toks … Continue reading Private School TikToks: What Drives Pop Culture’s Continued Fascination with the 7%?

Social Discoing: The Persistence of Party Culture

Clubbing and COVID-19 are not a match made in heaven, to say the least. While the two completely juxtapose one another, club owners and managers are trying desperately to work within restrictions to keep their businesses afloat. Prior to the 10pm curfew, many club goers were offered a COVID-friendly way to enjoy a booze-fuelled night with their friends. Table service and seated dancing acted as … Continue reading Social Discoing: The Persistence of Party Culture

Identities not Categories: Is there a Problem with BAME?

Over lockdown, I’ve been subjected to many a rant from my dad concerning how fast society is changing; usually an add-on to his lecture about how ruthless and toxic cancel culture can be. Now, to a certain extent I can sympathise. Our linguistics and what’s considered politically correct are evolving and changing at a rate that we’ve never experienced. A recent example of such controversy is … Continue reading Identities not Categories: Is there a Problem with BAME?

Cruise Ships and Covid-19: An Opportunity to Re-Examine the Travel Industry

Cruise ships represent the immensity of travel in the modern world. The access to oceanic space from the luxury and comfort onboard is part of the mass appeal for consumers, but there is a darker side to the glistening structures that line our waters. Often dubbed as ‘floating cities’, despite their testament to modern engineering, the industry is an environmental disaster. In the adversity of lockdown, there have been enormous economic pressures and questions over the future of travel across the globe. However, the current pandemic and suspension of most of the cruise industry’s activities have also afforded a unique opportunity to re-examine the environmental impact of these ships, and whether a green recovery is possible. Continue reading Cruise Ships and Covid-19: An Opportunity to Re-Examine the Travel Industry