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Review: Angelus

Over recent weeks, it’s been difficult to miss the publicity for Theatre with Teeth’s Angelus. After all, what person, seeing the image of the noose on that blood-red background, wouldn’t be intrigued to know what the play is about? With a few more clicks, you find out what is promised; a “splitting new play that deals with loss, morality, and the pursuit of redemption”, written by Patrick Swain. Judging by the size of the audience at the opening performance, I was certainly not the only person to be curious about this new “dark comedy”. Continue reading Review: Angelus

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Preview: Come As You Are @ Exeter Phoenix

Come As You Are is a ground-breaking and eccentric festival that celebrates trans, non-binary, and gender-queer theatre. Titling themselves “Gender Anarchists”, Camden People’s Theatre are travelling across the UK to challenge people’s preconceptions of gender and identity, demonstrating the freedom to be found in interrogating these oppressive norms. Continue reading Preview: Come As You Are @ Exeter Phoenix

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Review: EUTCo’s ‘The Shape of Things’

I entered the M&D room with little idea of what to expect, however, EUTCO’s The Shape of Things took me by surprise. For most of its two-hour duration, the play is an intense and voyeuristic examination of two couples, along with the diverse and ever-changing relationships between the four individuals. However, the final scene unravels much of what the audience has come to believe to be the truth about the characters. Facades crumble, lies emerge, and the audience is left questioning the truth of their own life, just as much as the truth of the play. Continue reading Review: EUTCo’s ‘The Shape of Things’

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Interview with Andy Hamilton

I first saw the name “Andy Hamilton” on the credits of one of my favourite TV shows, Outnumbered. Since then, I discovered that he was the man my parents laughed along with while watching Have I Got News For You, the voice frequently heard on radio shows like The News Quiz, and the writer behind iconic TV like Drop the Dead Donkey and Power Monkeys. And that’s just to name a few; his endless radio and TV credits are certainly impressive. At the start of October, Andy Hamilton embarks on his latest project, An Evening with Andy Hamilton, a touring show that is essentially a Q&A session between Hamilton and his audience. I was lucky enough to interview Hamilton on his newest show. Continue reading Interview with Andy Hamilton

Fringe Fever

There is something undeniably exciting about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year was my sixth time going but it was just as fun as the first. For the first time, I plunged into the darker worlds of cabaret and burlesque, of late night comedy and drinking shows. One day, I was strapped into an ‘aeroplane cabin’ in a shipping container (Flight), on another I watched as a gigantic Frankenstein statue was suspended over my head (A Rocky Horror Picture Show at Frankenstein’s Inn) and as a man created the illusion of a moving motorbike with two glow sticks (Police Cops in Space).  I saw a street performer balance a spinning basketball on his nose as he played a guitar, and attended a show where the theatre was turned into a nightclub and the audience danced on stage with the performers (Even Hotter). In total, I managed to pack twenty-eight shows into eight days. Despite seeing so many, there were definitely a few which stood out from the rest. Continue reading Fringe Fever

Review: Faslane by Jenna Watt

My parents grew up in the cold war era, where the shadow of Hiroshima and Nagasaki hung closer and the threat of further use of nuclear weapons felt tangible. While the use of nuclear weapons is still a potential reality, heightened by the attitudes of certain leaders like Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, there is less of an everyday consciousness of it, less fear of … Continue reading Review: Faslane by Jenna Watt

Review: Umbra

It’s difficult to articulate my experience of Umbra, a production by Theatre With Teeth and Get Out Of My Space. In its simplest form, Umbra explores lust, love, temptation and possession by the devil through wordless physical theatre in an immersive environment. This ambitious piece, devised by Tobias Cornwell and James Hawley, was certainly an unforgettable experience. Set in Politmore House, audiences had the freedom … Continue reading Review: Umbra