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Rom-Coms and The Search for Love

In my formative years I was in love with the idea of love and I attribute this to growing up watching romantic comedies. I love romantic comedies and I say that with pride. So often we are taught to regard the genre as a guilty pleasure because, ultimately, we are taught that what women like is frivolous and not to be taken with as much seriousness as movies with men in the limelight. We are trained to associate male leading, serious movies with critical acclaim and Oscar recognition, rather than rom-coms. While I do recognise that there are a lot of problems with many films in the romantic comedy genre, like how so many of the protagonists represent white, middle class, educated woman, I have also learned a great deal from them.
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It’s Debatable: Valentine’s Day

In a society where tinder and the hook-up culture have left behind their status of scandal, and any chivalrous gestures are vilified, it’s no surprise that romanticism could be nearing its expiration date.

We’re in university, we’re young, and having fun with anonymous partners is no sin but what about romantic love then? Have people lost desire for it entirely and prefer the thrill of a temporary fix? As a romantic this appears to me as a true tragedy. But before all hope is lost, here comes Valentine’s Day to my rescue. Now, as the stores start to fill with insignificant gifts and the most opinionated (and probably lonely) will start preparing their speeches on how Valentine’s is a “consumerist day that epitomises everything wrong with capitalism”, give me a moment to share my views. Continue reading It’s Debatable: Valentine’s Day

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Top 10 Rom-Coms for Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again… That’s right, it’s February which means that Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Whether you love it or hate it, are single, taken or planning on snuggling up with the only two men you need in your life – Ben and Jerry – you can never (NEVER) go wrong with a day full of Rom-Coms, and this, after … Continue reading Top 10 Rom-Coms for Valentines Day

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Loving Your Own Company This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be perceived by many cynics as an Americanised, capitalist scam which profits off the romanticised ideology that you are incomplete without a (usually heterosexual) relationship. While it is about appreciating the loved ones in your life, and shouldn’t entirely be focused on romance, it does support the prevailing idea promoted in society that individually you need The One to make you whole, that your worth relies on the value that others give you. However, this is simply untrue: you are whole enough, and it is important to be equally in love with the idea of being single, as it is to desire a relationship. Continue reading Loving Your Own Company This Valentine’s Day

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Rogue Date Ideas – In and around Exeter!

Whether you find yourself bored of the traditional date ideas, or looking for something inventive to wow your partner this Valentine’s Day, this mixture of activities will surely give you some ideas. So put on your walking shoes, or get into your best lounge-wear and be ready for the big day. Indoor trampolining – Although this will require more effort than a romantic dinner, this date … Continue reading Rogue Date Ideas – In and around Exeter!

Let Me Sexplain

Sexplain, an organisation committed to ensuring that every young person in the UK should have access to a complete, inclusive and comprehensive sex education, have spoken to RAZZ about how to approach the sexual and romantic milestones of life. If you want to read more advice from the sexperts then make sure to pick up a copy of RAZZ’s most recent print issue on campus. Continue reading Let Me Sexplain