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Periods in Conflict

Just short of fifty percent of the population of the world have periods. Periods are a fact of life – without them, we, men and women, would not exist. They are essential. Yet they are one of the the most stigmatised and taboo subjects in society, branded unhygienic, embarrassing and something which should be kept under wraps. Periods are difficult to cope with at the best of times. Even with access to a wide range of sanitary products, clean bathrooms and in-depth education about reproduction and sex, they cause women and girls pain, hassle and anxiety. So, imagine what it would be like to get your first period and not know what it is, not be able to afford any sanitary care, and not even have a bathroom. Worse, imagine being cast out of your community every time you get your period. Sadly, this is the reality for many women and girls across the world and it is time to address it and speak more openly about it. Continue reading Periods in Conflict

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Interview: Laura Jackson, Founder of Januhairy

Scrolling through your newsfeed over the last two weeks, you’ll probably have seen a bit more hair than usual. Western beauty standards mean that our Instagrams are usually full of plucked brows, bare bikini lines and silky, smooth legs, but this January, Exeter Uni Student, Laura Jackson, is seeking to change that with her campaign Januhairy. I had a chat with Laura about Januhairy, which encourages women to grow out all their body hair for the month of January in support of the charity Body Gossip.  Continue reading Interview: Laura Jackson, Founder of Januhairy

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Trending on Twitter: Did Iceland know their advert would be banned and should we care?

You won’t see Iceland’s famed Christmas advert on your TV screen this year but, if you have any form of social media, you surely know the devastating story of that cute little orangutan.

I had seen this same animation before on Facebook from Greenpeace and promptly signed their accompanying petition to ‘end dirty palm oil’. I was consequently surprised to see it getting such a resurgence on social media months later and wondered why more people had now decided to circulate the video. It is the word “banned” that is fuelling the intrigue and engagement. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: Did Iceland know their advert would be banned and should we care?

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Lace, Spanx, Thong or ‘No’ – What Constitutes Consent?

(TW// Rape, sexual assault) Rape is commonly understood to be the act of sexual violence in which a woman is penetrated orally or sexually by a man without having given consent. In today’s society, rape is a frequently and openly discussed topic which has lost much of the stigma and taboo which used to surround it. In recent times, various rape cases have swarmed the … Continue reading Lace, Spanx, Thong or ‘No’ – What Constitutes Consent?

Homelessness in Exeter

Homelessness. It’s all over the country and it’s right under your nose when you’re walking down Exeter High Street. Devon Live commented on how “The number of rough sleepers in Devon has rocketed in the last seven years…and Exeter almost doubling”. When you’re walking down to get your weekly shop from Tesco’s, or maybe you’re going to grab a bite to eat in Princesshay, you’re bound to come across several homeless people asking for money or just wrapped up in their dishevelled sleeping bags. As a Londoner, I have seen my fair share of homeless people, but I was shocked when I first arrived at Exeter as I had never seen so many within a one-mile radius. It distresses me that the council and the government are not working hard enough to tackle this problem. Continue reading Homelessness in Exeter

Review: Cider Tasting and Pizza Evening @ The Stable

Last Thursday, Razz was treated to an amazing Cider Tasting experience at The Stable in Exeter. The evening was a great success and here are some of the highlights from our writers: Anna Hartley: “The cider tasting evening at The Stable was so fun – as someone who knows very little about cider I was really impressed and interested to find out so much about … Continue reading Review: Cider Tasting and Pizza Evening @ The Stable

Preview: Dr. Martens Official Launch

Opening six new stores across the UK and Ireland, Dr. Martens has finally arrived in Exeter! On the 27th October, Dr. Martens opened the doors to their new store on Exeter’s High Street and will be hosting an official opening celebration on Wednesday 8th November for press and customers. The event will be covered by media outlets throughout the south west and Razz Magazine’s Sasha … Continue reading Preview: Dr. Martens Official Launch