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Endometriosis: One in Ten

Endometriosis is a chronic pain condition that affects one in ten women in the UK. Whilst it has a severe impact on the health of millions, few know about its symptoms or impacts. The NHS website gives a description of the condition, “tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries” which causes pain and issues with fertility. It also states the causes of the condition are largely unexplained, and there is no known cure. Endometriosis UK states it affects 1.5 million women in the UK or 176 million women worldwide, the same number diagnosed with diabetes. One of the most startling statistics they give is the fact that it takes on average “7.5 years from onset of symptoms to get a diagnosis.” Continue reading Endometriosis: One in Ten

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Eco Activism on Campus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll recognise the name Extinction Rebellion. Since the beginning of their ‘International Rebellion’ they’ve become renowned for their civil disobedience, unlawful reputation and disruption of cities. Whilst many may not agree with their methods, this kind of radical activism is vital for creating the real change we urgently need to see in policy and legislation. The sad truth is there is only so much we as individuals can do. In becoming vegan, I was able to singlehandedly reduce my individual carbon footprint by up to 73%. Yet, this is not enough when 20 companies are responsible for a third of the carbon emissions of the world. “If we’re not tackling that then we’re not going to get the drastic reductions we need” according to Skye Frewin, XR Exeter University’s group representative. Continue reading Eco Activism on Campus

5 Things Students Can Do To Be Politically Engaged This Year

Politics is scary and you can feel powerless, especially as a student who is often dismissed. But that doesn’t mean we should bury our heads in the sand. We can make small steps to being more politically engaged this academic year and here’s how. Continue reading 5 Things Students Can Do To Be Politically Engaged This Year

Is the ‘GAP YAH’ Self Indulgent for White Saviours?

We joke at Uni about stereotypical ‘gap yah’ students who leave their privileged homes to travel to faraway places in the hopes of “like totally finding myself”. It’s claimed to be the best year of their life, but there is a problematic side to these ‘gap yahs’: the harmful aspects of voluntourism. Continue reading Is the ‘GAP YAH’ Self Indulgent for White Saviours?

The Search for Identity in the Digital Age

In recent decades the exponential growth of communications, digitalisation and social media has meant an expanding digital-scape for the individual to work with. This transition to the presentation of our beings on electronic platforms changes the way in which we view ourselves, our self-worth and how we present ourselves to the world. We are no longer dealing with forging our identities in a solely actualised … Continue reading The Search for Identity in the Digital Age


Sat in Russell Square yesterday, too hot to think, a young girl handed me a card containing information entitled “ADVICE ON ARREST.” She reeled off her well-rehearsed speech that highlighted the essentials (which solicitor’s number to call, what to say to the police etc.) and moved on to the next group. I slipped the card into my back pocket, feeling slightly confronted. At a time in which my capacity for rage appears limitless, I, and the swarm of angry people beginning to gather around me on this sweltering day in July, were organising. Continue reading FCK GVT, FCK BORIS

RAZZ Pride Icons: Phillip Picardi

Phillip Picardi, if not already, will be a publishing legend. After completing his degree from NYU in 2012, Picardi began his career working at Racked and Teen Vogue. Two years later, he became senior beauty editor at Refinery 29 but just seven months into the job, Picardi returned to Teen Vogue as digital editorial director (this is all by the age of 25). He worked closely with editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth and creative director Marie Suter, transforming the publication’s branding and turning towards politics, social issues, and activism. Condé Nast said that during Picardi’s time at Teen Vogue, “traffic to has increased to more than 9.2 million unique visitors, up from 2.7 million unique visitors last year, mobile traffic more than doubled with an increase of 109 percent year on year, and video viewers grew 989 percent”. Continue reading RAZZ Pride Icons: Phillip Picardi