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Preview: BSO’s ‘Unmistakable Voices’

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra reignites its new year of performances at Exeter Great Hall on Friday, in an evening that should lay the foundations for the work to come. ‘Unmistakeable Voices’ brings to the university works by two of the greatest Romantic composers: Beethoven and Shostakovich. With Chief Conductor Kirill Karabits at the helm, it promises to be another successful night for the BSO, and certainly one to deeply affect its audience. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s ‘Unmistakable Voices’

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Preview: EUTCo’s Lord of the Flies

Returning back to Northcott, the Exeter University Theatre Company present their latest show ‘Lord of the Flies’. Following the Nobel Prize winning novelist William Golding’s 1954 , the show runs across four nights. This literary classic turned stage performance which tackles issues of morality, immorality, rationality head on is perfect for both dedicated Golding fans and first time viewers alike. A theatre production not to be missed, make a change and support our students this new year in the best theatre in Exeter. Continue reading Preview: EUTCo’s Lord of the Flies

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Preview: BSO’s Russian Winter

The Bournemouth Symphony orchestra will soon once again grace Exeter Great Hall with its abilities, bringing a seasonal selection to the stage. As the title suggests, the evening of the 6th will consist of three works that deal with the not-so-mild temperament of a ‘Russian Winter’, in what is sure to be a resounding conclusion to the first term’s worth of the orchestra’s 2018-19 season. Conducting the evening will be Antonio Méndez, Principal Conductor of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife and evidently an expert in his field. He is highly-sought after, and the fact that he is once again returning to work with the BSO is testament to both his and the orchestra’s stature in the classical music world. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s Russian Winter

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Preview: BSO’s Smooth Classics II

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra returns once again to Exeter Great Hall on Wednesday, with the exciting second volume of the ‘Smooth Classics’ branch of their main season. Presenting well-known pieces, including several individual movements from piano concertos, the evening promises to be both diverting and soothing. Conducting the pieces, in her Exeter debut, is Marta Gardolińska, the new BSO Leverhulme Young Conductor in Association, whose last-minute stand-in last month at Poole was received with resounding praise. RAZZ has been lucky enough to secure a forthcoming interview with Ms Gardolińska, to discuss her work and role, and this reviewer looks forward to both meeting her, and seeing her skill first-hand. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s Smooth Classics II

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Preview: Come As You Are @ Exeter Phoenix

Come As You Are is a ground-breaking and eccentric festival that celebrates trans, non-binary, and gender-queer theatre. Titling themselves “Gender Anarchists”, Camden People’s Theatre are travelling across the UK to challenge people’s preconceptions of gender and identity, demonstrating the freedom to be found in interrogating these oppressive norms. Continue reading Preview: Come As You Are @ Exeter Phoenix

Preview: BSO’s ‘Songs from the Heart’ @ Exeter Great Hall

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra returns on Thursday evening to Exeter Great Hall, bringing ‘Songs from the Heart’ to the stage. The works of three Romantic German composers, selected for their deeply moving personal sentiment, will be performed by the world-class orchestra, which produces the finest classical music in the South West. Karl-Heinz Steffens will act as guest conductor for this next instalment in the BSO season Continue reading Preview: BSO’s ‘Songs from the Heart’ @ Exeter Great Hall

Preview: BSO’s”Divine Sublime” @ Exeter Great Hall

On Thursday 11th October the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra shall return to grace Exeter Great Hall with the continuation of its latest season, which began at Poole Lighthouse on the 4th. There, according to The Times, Kirill Karabits conducted Mahler’s Resurrection symphony with an intense profundity that is sure to lay the groundwork for the year to come. This is Karabits’ tenth year as Chief Conductor, and it will be him that conducts works by Mozart and Beethoven on Thursday, to great anticipation. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s”Divine Sublime” @ Exeter Great Hall