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Are Floral Suits Really a “Destruction” of Toxic Masculinity?

This tweet of 4 male actors on the red carpet celebrated their ‘feminine’ clothing as a ‘protest against toxic masculinity.’ But to what extent is this the case? Are they just glamorising conventionally attractive white men doing the bare minimum? Amy Milner shares her opinion.  Men’s fashion, of course, is a pretty hot topic right now. Globalisation and the internet have given rise to experimentation … Continue reading Are Floral Suits Really a “Destruction” of Toxic Masculinity?

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Malia Obama: Yes She Can

On a recent trip to Miami, former first daughter Malia Obama came under media scrutiny for turning into a “party girl”. This encouraged Trump supporters to show similar outrage, claiming that Malia is irresponsible. Fundamentally, Malia Obama is facing criticism because she is a 20 year old female, not quite of the legal drinking age of 21. The fact that she turns 21 on 4th … Continue reading Malia Obama: Yes She Can

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Marching Towards the ‘Change’ for Climate Change

On Friday 15th February, young people embarked on climate change strikes across all different regions of the UK. The march attracted thousands of school pupils across the country, throughout 60 towns and cities including London, Cardiff, Oxford, Edinburgh, Manchester and Belfast. The movement was first instigated by 15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, who decided to skip school on Fridays last year to protest outside the … Continue reading Marching Towards the ‘Change’ for Climate Change

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Review: Vice

In 2018’s Vice, director Adam McKay explores the political climate of right-winged America from the 70’s to the mid 2000’s, as well as providing an overview of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s career. I do admit that my knowledge of American politics and history is extremely limited, however, I would argue that this fact simply emphasises McKay’s missed opportunity. The movie fails to give the … Continue reading Review: Vice

Review: Odd Encounter @ Exeter Phoenix

Odd Encounter was… well, just that, a very odd encounter. Upon entering the ‘Workshop’ room, I was welcomed by an exceptionally friendly and glittery drag queen, Mysti Valentine, who was to be the one of the stars of the show. The description of this performance was vague at best, so I went in with an open mind and was not disappointed. As Britons do best, … Continue reading Review: Odd Encounter @ Exeter Phoenix

Abortion Laws in the ‘Western World’

The question of abortion rights occupies a high-profile space in the realm of ethical debate. The moral concerns around abortion laws continue to appear in the press, never leaving the scrutiny of the public eye for very long. But it can be very difficult to navigate conversations around abortion and to decide on a personal stance. Understanding some of the various attitudes to abortion might … Continue reading Abortion Laws in the ‘Western World’

Trending on Twitter: How does Brexit impact you?

Brexit seems to be all-encompassing: you only have to look at an online news website to see mention of the B-word. While the issue of the UK’s membership has been ruining family dinners for longer than this, the 23rd of June 2016 was when the UK made the decision to leave the European Union, after David Cameron’s Conservative campaign in the previous General Election included a promise to hold a referendum to determine the future of the UK as a part of Europe. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: How does Brexit impact you?