Method Making Madness: A Young Photographers’ Competition- CALL FOR ENTRIES

Devon Guild of Craftsmen is offering young photographers a chance to step into the exhibiting world with a competition to inspire, educate and astound. As a young photographer it is really important to start gaining exposure as soon as possible. The more people who see your work, the more likely you will be to gain a following and get work. Continue reading Method Making Madness: A Young Photographers’ Competition- CALL FOR ENTRIES

Cornwall Snapshots

During opportunities week, instead of reading, I got an “opportunity” to travel to Cornwall for the weekend. It is just 2 hours away from Exeter by car, however, the atmosphere is very different: it is calm, peaceful and the nature is especially stunning. We left Exeter on Friday night to head down to Cornwall with great hopes that the weather would be nice and sunny. The next morning, we woke up early to travel to Land’s End, which is the most westerly point of Cornwall and also of England. It was not the best day for outdoor activities, but we decided to take every chance to see all the places that we wanted. Here are some snapshots of Cornwall through my lens. Continue reading Cornwall Snapshots

Postcards from Abroad: Norway

I started this summer by flying with my friend Jacob to his home country for two eagerly anticipated weeks of perfecting my Norwegian, soaking up the cultural and instagramable sights, and enjoying more fish dishes than my pescatarian self could wish for. After stumbling across the hugely popular web series Skam a few years ago, I fell head first in love with the country and spent more than an acceptable amount of time researching my “future home” (job success dependant because, wow, is Norway expensive).

Norway, however, was everything and nothing like I expected it to be. No matter how much Jacob reassured me before departure that ‘Norway does have summers too!’, I wasn’t prepared for the 30 degree heat the country was enduring from a rare but persistent heatwave. Nor was I to perfect any of the basic Norwegian I already knew. You were much more likely to see me tight lipped and silent, refusing my receipt with a shake of the head because apparently even the way I said ‘nei’ was amusing to my friend, tour guide, and native speaker. Nonetheless, prepared to return all but bankrupt and thoroughly exercised (because it turns out everything in Norway is a hill), we were off. Continue reading Postcards from Abroad: Norway

The Paddon Award 2018

Our university is bursting with artistic students, from those who are active members of music, drama and art societies to those who take a more personal and introverted approach to their art.  On Tuesday 27th March I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Paddon Award ceremony; a small, intimate event which recognises artistic talent among the students here at the University of Exeter. Inspired … Continue reading The Paddon Award 2018

Exeter in the Snow: A Photography Collection by Razz

We reached out to our writers, creators, and photographers to capture this amazing weekend as Exeter was blanketed by crisp white snow and got some amazing photographs in response for you to enjoy.           by Owen Bell, James Landymore, Emma Hookway and Emily Stephenson Continue reading Exeter in the Snow: A Photography Collection by Razz

City Breaks on a Budget

Many people aspire to travel when they’re young, however this often involves much money and time. So why not take a long weekend and travel to a city in Europe. Copenhagen, Denmark Lots of people disregard the Scandinavian countries because of the weather and the expense. However, Copenhagen is a city rich with culture, history, and community. Initially a small fishing town, Copenhagen has survived … Continue reading City Breaks on a Budget