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Review: Arlo Parks’ Collapsed in Sunbeams

After being longlisted for the BBC Sound of 2020, and then going on to be awarded theBBC Music Introducing Artist of the Year award last year, the release of Arlo Parks’ debut album was highly anticipated by many. As we find ourselves in midst of a third lockdown, this album has been released at the perfect time. Although the mornings and evenings are getting lighter, the prevailing restrictions mean we still can’t do the things that make this generally quite depressing time of year easier, but this album definitely helps. Collapsed in Sunbeams feels like a much-needed warm hug during a very long and grey winter. Continue reading Review: Arlo Parks’ Collapsed in Sunbeams

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A Playlist for Valentine’s Day

As someone who has experienced both the customs of a relationship and the independence of single life, I can firmly attest that nothing quite taps into those feelings like the perfect steamy playlist. Whether you’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day happily single or in company, this collection of incredibly smooth R&B tunes is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Continue reading A Playlist for Valentine’s Day

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Review: ‘Good Days’ by SZA

While the monotonous days of COVID-19 may not be the best, this song definitely is. For those who have been living under a rock this past month, ‘Good Days’ is the latest single to be released by R&B icon SZA. Arguably one of the hottest contemporary R&B artists in the game right now, SZA truly delivers with this latest track as she combines her unmatched vocals with a chilling melody to provide 4 minutes 40 seconds of pure bliss. Continue reading Review: ‘Good Days’ by SZA

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My Culture Comforts: folklore by Taylor Swift

At the moment, in times when I feel overwhelmed or upset, my favourite music to listen to has been Taylor Swift’s album folklore. Despite only coming out midway through 2020, ‘cardigan’ was my most listened-to track on Spotify Wrapped, and I was honestly not at all surprised. I find the entirety of this album so soothing, definitely like a safety blanket. Every track has sing-a-long potential – belting out Taylor Swift bridges gives me an unreal amount of serotonin – while still being soft and emotional. The acoustic vibes are perfect for first thing in the morning or last thing at night. It’s nostalgic in a way that reminds me of Taylor’s earlier music – ‘betty’ has ‘You Belong With Me’ vibes and ‘exile’ reminds me of the kind of track that would be on her album Red. I just love the whole album – to me, it’s the best collection of music to come out of 2020, and I think I’ll treasure it for a very long time. Continue reading My Culture Comforts: folklore by Taylor Swift

Review: evermore by Taylor Swift

During the first few months of the pandemic, many of us made banana bread and sourdough starters, and probably achieved little more creative output than choosing which pyjamas we could seamlessly transition into being daytime wear. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wrote, produced and recorded not only one, but two albums, the second of which was released last week. Continue reading Review: evermore by Taylor Swift

The Power of Music

Most of us know the feeling of listening to an old favourite song that transports us back in time. Every time I hear “Sun” by Two Door Cinema Club, I am back in my first-year bedroom, packing a bag for the first beach day of the year with my new friends. I can smell the sun cream, taste the strawberries, remember the games we played, everything. All from one song. And it always, undoubtedly, makes me feel happy – a nostalgic kind of happy – but happy nonetheless, because it’s not just the memory these songs evoke, but the emotions we were feeling at those times as well. Continue reading The Power of Music

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

My housemates (from first, second, and third year) can testify when I say that Christmas music runs through my veins as soon as December hits. When the clock strikes midnight on the 30th of November, the Christmas playlist bursts into life and my sullen November mood is immediately replaced with festive joy. This year things are a little bit different, and rather controversially my housemates and I have decided to start Christmas celebrations early. So, join me in blasting some absolute holiday bangers as we attempt to disguise the misery that is a festive lockdown. Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Review: Confetti by Little Mix

Little Mix’s sixth studio album, Confetti, has once again confirmed why the band won The X Factor. Nearly a decade after their appearance on the talent show, the girls now have their own show to their name; Little Mix: The Search, with contestants competing to support the band on their upcoming tour – and supporting this album will be no mean feat. Their sixth record proves how they earned their right to sit on the other side of the judges table – Confetti is filled to the brim with pop bangers, full of fun and sass. Yes, the album is just what you expect from the four piece, but the perfect harmonies and playful lyrics that have defined their last five releases are what make Little Mix Britain’s best girl band and this record is no exception to that. Continue reading Review: Confetti by Little Mix

Review: Re-Animator by Everything Everything

Inconsistent but with moments of brilliance, and what might be one of the most important songs of the year. 3.5/5 stars Manchester Prog-Rock/Pop outfit Everything Everything turned heads with their 2015 album, Get to Heaven, and have rarely disappointed since. Frontman Jonathan Higgs proved himself a writer attuned to current affairs, with the band hiding weighty political ideas behind catchy melodies and fast paced rhythms. … Continue reading Review: Re-Animator by Everything Everything

Single Review: ‘Yesterday’ by Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner’s new single ‘Yesterday’, is a heartfelt, politically charged and introspective account of mixed-race identity in our contemporary society. The track marks the hip-hop artist’s latest release since his second album, Not Waving, But Drowning, and like his previous tracks incorporates both sensitive and intelligent lyricism. Continue reading Single Review: ‘Yesterday’ by Loyle Carner