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Trending on Twitter: Did Iceland know their advert would be banned and should we care?

You won’t see Iceland’s famed Christmas advert on your TV screen this year but, if you have any form of social media, you surely know the devastating story of that cute little orangutan.

I had seen this same animation before on Facebook from Greenpeace and promptly signed their accompanying petition to ‘end dirty palm oil’. I was consequently surprised to see it getting such a resurgence on social media months later and wondered why more people had now decided to circulate the video. It is the word “banned” that is fuelling the intrigue and engagement. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: Did Iceland know their advert would be banned and should we care?

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The John Lewis Christmas Adverts

“It HAS to be out by now, surely?” My housemate Katy burst into my room on the morning of 10th November. After a few minutes of googling, we reached the conclusion that the advert would be coming out soon, possibly even that very day. Over the past few years, the John Lewis Christmas advert has been released between 5th and 11th November. When it came … Continue reading The John Lewis Christmas Adverts

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Lace, Spanx, Thong or ‘No’ – What Constitutes Consent?

(TW// Rape, sexual assault) Rape is commonly understood to be the act of sexual violence in which a woman is penetrated orally or sexually by a man without having given consent. In today’s society, rape is a frequently and openly discussed topic which has lost much of the stigma and taboo which used to surround it. In recent times, various rape cases have swarmed the … Continue reading Lace, Spanx, Thong or ‘No’ – What Constitutes Consent?

Review: ‘Tehran Taboo’

Having lived in a Muslim country all my life, the contrast between the oppressive Islamic society and the individual lives depicted in Tehran Taboo is all too familiar. The movie follows the lives of three characters: Pari, a woman with a six-year-old son forced into prostitution due to the lack of financial support from her imprisoned, drug addicted husband; Babak, a musician who has sex … Continue reading Review: ‘Tehran Taboo’

8 Skin Care Products to Get You Winter Ready

#hellowinter #pumpkinspicelatteseason

 ‘Tis the season to look after those pores and to ensure you look glowy and prepped for those sweaty nights out in TP. I’ve chosen 8 products to make you look like the next Kim Kardashian of Exeter, on a student budget of course! One thing that is essential, is to remember to stay hydrated and I’m not talking vodka and cokes, but the good old H2O. Drinking water will keep your skin plump and rid it of any toxins that cause spots, as well as replenishing the skin tissues. Try carrying around a water bottle every day, adding fruits to it can make it a lot easier to drink and is a way to benefit from vitamins! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…remembering to take your makeup off after a night out at Exeter’s finest selection of clubs. I know it’s annoying and when you’re pissed it’s the last thing you want to do. But do it. It only takes a minute or two. Don’t let your skin suffer from being clogged up with makeup, dirt, pollution and pieces of curly fry grease! You’ll thank me later. Continue reading 8 Skin Care Products to Get You Winter Ready

Review: Women of the World Festival, Exeter

The ‘Women of the World Festival’ (WOW) was founded in 2010 by Jude Kelly, and this year marked the 2nd annual WOW Exeter event, which welcomed female artists, writers, politicians, comedians, activists and more to discuss and celebrate their achievements. The varied activities on offer over the weekend sought to inspire future generations while also discuss the issues limiting women’s full potential. Continue reading Review: Women of the World Festival, Exeter