Interview: Molly Naylor, Writer and Director of ‘Lights!Planets!People!’

Lights! Planets! People!, written by Molly Naylor and performed by Karen Hill, begins its tour this weekend, commencing with a performance at the Exeter Phoenix. This one-woman play tells the story of gay, bipolar, space scientist Maggie Hill through the narratives of a lecture Maggie is giving young women about her career in science, her first therapy session, and her failed attempts to contact her ex-girlfriend. Continue reading Interview: Molly Naylor, Writer and Director of ‘Lights!Planets!People!’

Interview: Laura Jackson, Founder of Januhairy

Scrolling through your newsfeed over the last two weeks, you’ll probably have seen a bit more hair than usual. Western beauty standards mean that our Instagrams are usually full of plucked brows, bare bikini lines and silky, smooth legs, but this January, Exeter Uni Student, Laura Jackson, is seeking to change that with her campaign Januhairy. I had a chat with Laura about Januhairy, which encourages women to grow out all their body hair for the month of January in support of the charity Body Gossip.  Continue reading Interview: Laura Jackson, Founder of Januhairy

Interview with BSO’s Marta Gardolińska

Ben Britton: Congratulations on becoming the BSO’s Leverhulme Young Conductor in Association. Could you tell our readers a bit about what the role entails?

Marta Gardolińska: It is a kind of assisting position, but a bit more than that, because it means I have three main responsibilities. One is covering for all the conductors, which means whenever they get sick, whenever they don’t catch a plane, I am there and I have to take over either the rehearsal or concert. The second thing is working with the Participation Department, which organises school concerts and the BSO Resound Concerts, a lot of outreach work. So, I am usually the person who goes to conduct the bigger concerts of these programmes. And I have a series of concerts with the actual BSO throughout the season; one of them is tonight.
Continue reading Interview with BSO’s Marta Gardolińska

Interview with Felicity Ward

Since entering the world of comedy in 2008, to being nominated for the Best Show award with Edinburgh Comedy, Felicity Ward has gone from strength to strength. RAZZ had a chat with her about all things comedy and how her career has progressed. What can we expect from your Bust a Nut tour? It’s just an hour of straight up club material. Basically, what happens … Continue reading Interview with Felicity Ward

Interview with Andy Hamilton

I first saw the name “Andy Hamilton” on the credits of one of my favourite TV shows, Outnumbered. Since then, I discovered that he was the man my parents laughed along with while watching Have I Got News For You, the voice frequently heard on radio shows like The News Quiz, and the writer behind iconic TV like Drop the Dead Donkey and Power Monkeys. And that’s just to name a few; his endless radio and TV credits are certainly impressive. At the start of October, Andy Hamilton embarks on his latest project, An Evening with Andy Hamilton, a touring show that is essentially a Q&A session between Hamilton and his audience. I was lucky enough to interview Hamilton on his newest show. Continue reading Interview with Andy Hamilton

Interview: The LaFontaines

Owen Bell: What were the main sources of inspiration for your musical style? Or did you just start messing around in the recording studio and it came to life? Kerr Okan (vocals): A bit of both to be honest. First and foremost, we are a rock band. I just so happen to rap over it. I think it’s influenced by lots of things, maybe The … Continue reading Interview: The LaFontaines

Interview: Matt Donnelly from Don Broco

Prior to their show at Exeter’s Lemon Grove last week, Razz’s Owen Bell had the privilege of a sit down and a chat with Matt Donnelly, drummer to Don Broco. See Owen’s review of the gig here Review: Don Broco @ Lemon Grove Owen Bell: What on earth happened in Oxford, at your previous gig? How on earth could the toilets leak that badly? Matt Donnelly … Continue reading Interview: Matt Donnelly from Don Broco