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Are Floral Suits Really a “Destruction” of Toxic Masculinity?

This tweet of 4 male actors on the red carpet celebrated their ‘feminine’ clothing as a ‘protest against toxic masculinity.’ But to what extent is this the case? Are they just glamorising conventionally attractive white men doing the bare minimum? Amy Milner shares her opinion.  Men’s fashion, of course, is a pretty hot topic right now. Globalisation and the internet have given rise to experimentation … Continue reading Are Floral Suits Really a “Destruction” of Toxic Masculinity?

8 Skin Care Products to Get You Winter Ready

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 ‘Tis the season to look after those pores and to ensure you look glowy and prepped for those sweaty nights out in TP. I’ve chosen 8 products to make you look like the next Kim Kardashian of Exeter, on a student budget of course! One thing that is essential, is to remember to stay hydrated and I’m not talking vodka and cokes, but the good old H2O. Drinking water will keep your skin plump and rid it of any toxins that cause spots, as well as replenishing the skin tissues. Try carrying around a water bottle every day, adding fruits to it can make it a lot easier to drink and is a way to benefit from vitamins! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…remembering to take your makeup off after a night out at Exeter’s finest selection of clubs. I know it’s annoying and when you’re pissed it’s the last thing you want to do. But do it. It only takes a minute or two. Don’t let your skin suffer from being clogged up with makeup, dirt, pollution and pieces of curly fry grease! You’ll thank me later. Continue reading 8 Skin Care Products to Get You Winter Ready

Sancho’s Secret Student Sale

Walking up to it, the warm glow of Sancho’s shop draws you in, lightbulbs hanging gracefully from the ceiling. The place is crowded with students, their chatter filling the air. The temptation of the 20% off sale and free candles with each purchase has tempted quite a few, even on this chilled October afternoon. The shop is just the right size for one to feel cosy and have a pleasant experience. Exploring around the comfy winter clothes it is easy to feel at ease surrounded by the greenery of plants inhabiting the corners of the shop, hinting at the eco sustainable nature of the venue. Accompanying your journey through the fully recycled coats and hand-crafted jewellery is the lingering flowery aroma of scented candles and spiced cinnamon. Continue reading Sancho’s Secret Student Sale

Met Gala Fashion Review

The Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala (or Met Gala for short) always takes place on the first Monday in May and this year the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Jonny McKinnell reviews his stand-out looks of the night… Rihanna in Maison Margiela Look, we all know Rihanna is the true queen of the Met Gala so anyone who thought she was … Continue reading Met Gala Fashion Review

Ethical Fashion: What It Is & Where To Shop

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to pressing global issues such as climate change and modern slavery. However, the ethical fashion movement seeks to address the social and environmental impacts of fast-fashion consumption. One of the key aims of ethical fashion is the fight for human and animal rights. The movement seeks to expose exploitative working conditions of those along the production … Continue reading Ethical Fashion: What It Is & Where To Shop

Get the Look for Less: Kitted Out In Knitwear

It is said that the cable-knit sweatshirt was used in the 19th Century to protect fishermen from harsh weather conditions and cold sea air. Considering January and February tend to be the coldest months of the year, this trend could not be more welcome. However, it does not seem right to describe the cable-knit jumper as a trend. It has been a staple in the … Continue reading Get the Look for Less: Kitted Out In Knitwear