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Review: Shotgun Theatre’s Urinetown

I recently attended a talk by the theatre critic Libby Purves, who admitted that it’s difficult to critique musical theatre productions, because “they just do so much”. This is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with, and one which kept running through my mind during Shotgun’s production of the musical Urinetown. Despite certain hallmarks of an amateur production – largely relating to limitations posed by the venue, stage, and equipment – Urinetown comes across as a colourful explosion of work, creativity and talent. It is a synthesis of drama, dance, costume, set, singing, and music – as the onstage band and ever-present figure of the conductor (Ryan Mulgrew) never let the audience forget. Continue reading Review: Shotgun Theatre’s Urinetown

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Preview: BSO’s Russian Winter

The Bournemouth Symphony orchestra will soon once again grace Exeter Great Hall with its abilities, bringing a seasonal selection to the stage. As the title suggests, the evening of the 6th will consist of three works that deal with the not-so-mild temperament of a ‘Russian Winter’, in what is sure to be a resounding conclusion to the first term’s worth of the orchestra’s 2018-19 season. Conducting the evening will be Antonio Méndez, Principal Conductor of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife and evidently an expert in his field. He is highly-sought after, and the fact that he is once again returning to work with the BSO is testament to both his and the orchestra’s stature in the classical music world. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s Russian Winter

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Preview: BSO’s Smooth Classics II

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra returns once again to Exeter Great Hall on Wednesday, with the exciting second volume of the ‘Smooth Classics’ branch of their main season. Presenting well-known pieces, including several individual movements from piano concertos, the evening promises to be both diverting and soothing. Conducting the pieces, in her Exeter debut, is Marta Gardolińska, the new BSO Leverhulme Young Conductor in Association, whose last-minute stand-in last month at Poole was received with resounding praise. RAZZ has been lucky enough to secure a forthcoming interview with Ms Gardolińska, to discuss her work and role, and this reviewer looks forward to both meeting her, and seeing her skill first-hand. Continue reading Preview: BSO’s Smooth Classics II

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Review: Angelus

Over recent weeks, it’s been difficult to miss the publicity for Theatre with Teeth’s Angelus. After all, what person, seeing the image of the noose on that blood-red background, wouldn’t be intrigued to know what the play is about? With a few more clicks, you find out what is promised; a “splitting new play that deals with loss, morality, and the pursuit of redemption”, written by Patrick Swain. Judging by the size of the audience at the opening performance, I was certainly not the only person to be curious about this new “dark comedy”. Continue reading Review: Angelus

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Review: EUTCo’s ‘The Shape of Things’

I entered the M&D room with little idea of what to expect, however, EUTCO’s The Shape of Things took me by surprise. For most of its two-hour duration, the play is an intense and voyeuristic examination of two couples, along with the diverse and ever-changing relationships between the four individuals. However, the final scene unravels much of what the audience has come to believe to be the truth about the characters. Facades crumble, lies emerge, and the audience is left questioning the truth of their own life, just as much as the truth of the play. Continue reading Review: EUTCo’s ‘The Shape of Things’

Preview: BSO’s ‘Songs from the Heart’ @ Exeter Great Hall

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra returns on Thursday evening to Exeter Great Hall, bringing ‘Songs from the Heart’ to the stage. The works of three Romantic German composers, selected for their deeply moving personal sentiment, will be performed by the world-class orchestra, which produces the finest classical music in the South West. Karl-Heinz Steffens will act as guest conductor for this next instalment in the BSO season Continue reading Preview: BSO’s ‘Songs from the Heart’ @ Exeter Great Hall

Diversity in Exeter: The Asian Community

To be completely honest, moving to a totally different country to study as an international student, is terrifying. However, while the thought of being on your own in a new environment, away from your parents, from your comfort zone, is scary, it is also exciting. I actually felt more eager to be in university, meeting new people and experiencing new opportunities, than scared. But, after hearing about the incident involving BLS (Bracton Law Society) last year, I was really taken aback and wondered if I had made the right choice by putting Exeter as my firm choice of university. However, thinking on a different perspective, I realised that this incident might have helped to uncover racism and raise awareness of diversity in the University. Continue reading Diversity in Exeter: The Asian Community