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Review: evermore by Taylor Swift

During the first few months of the pandemic, many of us made banana bread and sourdough starters, and probably achieved little more creative output than choosing which pyjamas we could seamlessly transition into being daytime wear. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wrote, produced and recorded not only one, but two albums, the second of which was released last week. Continue reading Review: evermore by Taylor Swift

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The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

My housemates (from first, second, and third year) can testify when I say that Christmas music runs through my veins as soon as December hits. When the clock strikes midnight on the 30th of November, the Christmas playlist bursts into life and my sullen November mood is immediately replaced with festive joy. This year things are a little bit different, and rather controversially my housemates and I have decided to start Christmas celebrations early. So, join me in blasting some absolute holiday bangers as we attempt to disguise the misery that is a festive lockdown. Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

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Review: Re-Animator by Everything Everything

Inconsistent but with moments of brilliance, and what might be one of the most important songs of the year. 3.5/5 stars Manchester Prog-Rock/Pop outfit Everything Everything turned heads with their 2015 album, Get to Heaven, and have rarely disappointed since. Frontman Jonathan Higgs proved himself a writer attuned to current affairs, with the band hiding weighty political ideas behind catchy melodies and fast paced rhythms. … Continue reading Review: Re-Animator by Everything Everything

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It’s Debatable: Gym Closures

For: 2020 has been an odd year in many, many ways, and for me, perhaps one of the oddest personal developments has been that I have become a Person Who Gyms. Regularly. On Purpose. Enjoying it. I cannot emphasize enough that if I went back and told 2019 me about this, she, along with everybody else I know, would have laughed very hard, for a … Continue reading It’s Debatable: Gym Closures

Interview: Save the Children Society Supports Moria Refugee Camp

Online Editor, Miriam Higgs, had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Save the Children society’s President, Alex Madden, and Campaign Officers, Poppy Pearce and Juliet Jarvis regarding their Moria Refugee Camp support programme. They discussed the foundations of the campaign and getting it off the ground, how COVID-19 has changed the face of donating and giving aid, and how Save the Children and charity societies more broadly are so important in establishing a support network within the student community. Their discussion follows: Continue reading Interview: Save the Children Society Supports Moria Refugee Camp


As term one is now in full swing, RAZZ would like to take this opportunity to look back at the much needed and valuable anti-racism work that students and societies at Exeter carried out over the summer period. Over the course of lockdown, many varied and dynamic societies performed important work that RAZZ believes is important to reflect on. We would like to use this termly article as a space where we can bring together and collate the anti-racist work occurring across many varied groups and societies at the University. Whilst we have advertised this space as a place where campaigns and projects dedicated to this movement can be highlighted, we acknowledge this is by no means a comprehensive list. If you or your society are curating a project, launching a campaign or just speaking up in any way about the systemic injustices wrought on our communities by institutional racism, we want to hear about it. Please email with information about your campaign, we will publicise it on our social media platforms and will document and reflect on the work that has been done at the end of term one in the next Anti-Racism@Exeter article. Having these discussions and endeavouring to diversify our community is something we should all be passionate about at Exeter, and we hope you will be inspired by the work of these groups and get involved with this movement yourselves in whatever way you can. Continue reading Anti-Racism@Exeter

Review: Emily in Paris

Netflix’s new comedy-drama Emily in Paris, created by Darren Star (Beverely Hills, 90210, Sex and the City), is what happens when the over-romanticisation of Paris meets the under-representation of female screen characters with any depth or originality. Sorry, maybe that’s a bit harsh. But you can’t set a TV show in an iconic European city and make the premise of said show about how many … Continue reading Review: Emily in Paris

Review: Criminal UK

*Spoiler Alert* Season 2 of Criminal UK has just come out on Netflix and, while it may be just what we need right now to distract us from our post-summer COVID-19 self-pity party, the premise of some of the episodes is slightly troubling – and not just in the way that they are supposed to be. Each episode follows a different suspect with the same … Continue reading Review: Criminal UK

Private School TikToks: What Drives Pop Culture’s Continued Fascination with the 7%?

I’m not a frequent Tik-Tok user and, after stumbling upon the trend “#privateschool”, I can’t say this is going to change. Since the start of the year, videos of Britain’s most wealthy teens have started to rack up millions of views online and I was curious to see what the hype was about. To summarise, and to save you from watching them yourselves, these Tik-Toks … Continue reading Private School TikToks: What Drives Pop Culture’s Continued Fascination with the 7%?