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Interview: Siân Docksey from The Sex and Nature Salon

I interviewed Siân Docksey prior to the salon to ask her how she found out about this unique, yet fascinating opportunity, to which she replied, “way back in March when the world set on fire and everything just disintegrated in front of us, I lost all of my gigs. I was on a writer’s weekly mail out and there was an advert for joining a Creative Fellowship at the University”. After questioning whether being a ‘Fellow’ involved “[walking] around in a cravat [tipping your] hat at people”, she soon discovered that the University of Exeter’s Arts and Culture team recruits three Creative Fellows a year, who work with academics to enhance their area of research. So, “it’s a bit like speed dating,” Siân noted, laughing. As if by fate, Siân was partnered with Dr Ina Linge, an expert in “The Politics of Sexual Nature”. Continue reading Interview: Siân Docksey from The Sex and Nature Salon

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Steamy Scandals: Literary Representations of Sex

Given we all have more spare time because of lockdown, I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that I’ve been reading some books with a few spicy scenes. Especially with the likes of Bridgerton being released on Netflix in January, a lot of the popular books have a steamy romance at the heart of their narrative. The intimate parts of any novel always walk a … Continue reading Steamy Scandals: Literary Representations of Sex

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Discreet under the Sheets

Enthralled with journalistic spirit, I initially took this article up in the hopes of getting Exeter-wide data about the trials and tribulations of discreet sex in lockdown. My ambitious naivety led me to set up a questionnaire on ‘Overheard in Exeter’, hoping that amongst the thousands of students I would receive hundreds of responses detailing personal experiences. In reality, only nine people responded. To add … Continue reading Discreet under the Sheets

Review: Comedy Society’s Is This Thing Still On?

Exeter Comedy Society has hilariously satirised the dismal state of society during the pandemic in their new online sketch, Is This Thing Still On?, complete with pedantic ‘Karen’ neighbours, domestic drama and the typically dysfunctional Zoom seminar. I will do my best to highlight some of my favourite sketches without spoiling too much of the show. I definitely recommend giving it a watch as, to be honest, what else could you possibly be doing in tier 3, (if by some miracle you are not, I have nothing but contempt for you) other than feeling guilty about ignoring University work. Continue reading Review: Comedy Society’s Is This Thing Still On?

Halloween at Home

I think we can all agree that this year has been filled with enough horror to last us a lifetime; but the only way this nightmare could get worse, is by taking away my favourite time of the year. Halloween has been a fundamental holiday throughout my life and if you think I’m letting COVID-19 stop me from getting into the spooky spirit, you can … Continue reading Halloween at Home

From Disney Fan Favourite to Emmy Award Winner: Zendaya

Growing up, I dreamed of the day my parents would drag me out of school and force me to be a child actor. The fact that they allowed me to live a normal and well-adjusted childhood away from the pressures of LA toxicity still seems cruel. I like to bring this injustice up every Christmas and remind them that we could be celebrating the festivities at Elton John’s if they hadn’t been so short-sighted. Continue reading From Disney Fan Favourite to Emmy Award Winner: Zendaya

Reading Corner: Wilt by Tom Sharpe

Wilt (1976) by Tom Sharpe is probably the funniest book I have ever read. And I’m talking laugh out loud funny. As an English student with months and months of lockdown stretching ahead of me, I probably should have made a list of every great Victorian novel and slowly made my way through them with a sense of dignified purpose and achievement. Obviously, this was not the case and, as my Netflix history will prove, I have spent very little of this holiday actually reading. However, once I picked up Wilt, I forgot all about a fourth binge of the entirety of Community (shocking, I know) and was hooked. Continue reading Reading Corner: Wilt by Tom Sharpe

This Smells Like RAZZ’s Vagina

You may have heard about Goop’s new candle titled “This Smells Like My Vagina” where the origins of the scent came from founder Gwyneth Paltrow blurting out in the lab “Uhhh… this smells like a vagina”. This came up in conversation while we were brainstorming our SHAG Week (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week) and we asked ourselves the question: if you could choose a … Continue reading This Smells Like RAZZ’s Vagina