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Review: ‘An Evening with Andy Hamilton’

When I’d interviewed Andy Hamilton prior to this show, he’d told me that while he doesn’t tailor his work for a particular audience, he seems to attract a Radio 4-type crowd. Looking around at the audience, this stereotype certainly rang true, with an age gap of at least 15 years between me and the next youngest person. But, all the under-40s who haven’t yet discovered Andy Hamilton are definitely missing out; I laughed the whole way through the evening. Continue reading Review: ‘An Evening with Andy Hamilton’

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Review: Felicity Ward @ Exeter Phoenix

The Women of the World (WOW) Festival graced the stages and galleries of the Exeter Phoenix last weekend to celebrate female artists, in the year that marks the centenary of female suffrage. It was a weekend of workshops, DJs, performances and plays, showcasing a wide range of female talent. And yet the audience of comedian Felicity Ward’s stand-up gig was far from female-only. Marketed as a festival “for women and for anyone who knows a woman”, people of all age ranges and genders were present at the gig, and the audible laughter that circulated throughout her performance indicated the wide-reaching scope of Ward’s humour. Felicity Ward is an Australian comedian, who stumbled into stand-up while pursuing a career in acting and has featured on Live at the Apollo and been nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show in 2018. Ward is currently touring the UK with her newest material, with her Exeter performance coming a couple of weeks into the tour. Continue reading Review: Felicity Ward @ Exeter Phoenix

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Interview with Felicity Ward

Since entering the world of comedy in 2008, to being nominated for the Best Show award with Edinburgh Comedy, Felicity Ward has gone from strength to strength. RAZZ had a chat with her about all things comedy and how her career has progressed. What can we expect from your Bust a Nut tour? It’s just an hour of straight up club material. Basically, what happens … Continue reading Interview with Felicity Ward

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Interview with Andy Hamilton

I first saw the name “Andy Hamilton” on the credits of one of my favourite TV shows, Outnumbered. Since then, I discovered that he was the man my parents laughed along with while watching Have I Got News For You, the voice frequently heard on radio shows like The News Quiz, and the writer behind iconic TV like Drop the Dead Donkey and Power Monkeys. And that’s just to name a few; his endless radio and TV credits are certainly impressive. At the start of October, Andy Hamilton embarks on his latest project, An Evening with Andy Hamilton, a touring show that is essentially a Q&A session between Hamilton and his audience. I was lucky enough to interview Hamilton on his newest show. Continue reading Interview with Andy Hamilton

Review: Adam Hess & Glenn Moore @ Exeter Phoenix

Adam Hess and Glenn Moore brought their latest shows to the Exeter Phoenix as part of their nationwide tour on Sunday 25th February. Housemates and now tour mates, the two up-and-coming British comedians entertained an audience of Exeter locals and students with witty jokes, cringe worthy childhood anecdotes and a splash of toilet humour. Both these acts are making their mark on the British comedy … Continue reading Review: Adam Hess & Glenn Moore @ Exeter Phoenix

Review: Sunked

As my friends and I took our seats, cocktails in hand, to watch Chris White’s Sunked at the Bike Shed Theatre on Saturday 18th November, we weren’t sure what to expect. From my previous meeting with Chris, we knew it would be a combination of spoken word and comedy, and would centre around the theme of the Titanic. This left a lot to imagination. Little … Continue reading Review: Sunked