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Frost on Film: Glass

An Underwhelming Finale In 2016 Split was released and received good reviews, seemingly placing M. Night Shyamalan’s directorial career back on track, following a rather dire succession of releases. However, while the tale boasted a fascinating killer at its centre suffering from multiple personality disorder, what drew more attention was the end of the film. In its final moments, Split revealed an aged Bruce Willis … Continue reading Frost on Film: Glass

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In My Good Books: ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney

I was excited to read Sally Rooney’s second novel as it was acclaimed a best seller of 2018. Normal People follows the intertwined lives of Marianne and Connell as they battle with social politics, sexual maturation and their own thoughts. I think the name of this novel truly encapsulates the narrative, as while seemingly little occurs in this novel, it recounts the intricate relationship of … Continue reading In My Good Books: ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney

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It’s Debatable: Valentine’s Day

In a society where tinder and the hook-up culture have left behind their status of scandal, and any chivalrous gestures are vilified, it’s no surprise that romanticism could be nearing its expiration date.

We’re in university, we’re young, and having fun with anonymous partners is no sin but what about romantic love then? Have people lost desire for it entirely and prefer the thrill of a temporary fix? As a romantic this appears to me as a true tragedy. But before all hope is lost, here comes Valentine’s Day to my rescue. Now, as the stores start to fill with insignificant gifts and the most opinionated (and probably lonely) will start preparing their speeches on how Valentine’s is a “consumerist day that epitomises everything wrong with capitalism”, give me a moment to share my views. Continue reading It’s Debatable: Valentine’s Day

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Frost on Film: If Beale Street Could Talk

Today, in large part due to Trump’s presidency, the topic of racial hatred seems as prevalent as ever. Films released recently like The Hate U Give or Spike Lee’s brilliant Blackkklansman have attempted to discuss this issue with a loud and angry voice. If Beale Street Could Talk continues this trend but in a more subtle, muted way, elevating intimacy over depictions of racial prejudice. Continue reading Frost on Film: If Beale Street Could Talk

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Trending on Twitter: How does Brexit impact you?

Brexit seems to be all-encompassing: you only have to look at an online news website to see mention of the B-word. While the issue of the UK’s membership has been ruining family dinners for longer than this, the 23rd of June 2016 was when the UK made the decision to leave the European Union, after David Cameron’s Conservative campaign in the previous General Election included a promise to hold a referendum to determine the future of the UK as a part of Europe. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: How does Brexit impact you?

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In My Good Books: ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan

You’ve probably heard of it, watched it, or considered reading it: Atonement. This novel published in 2001 quickly became a highly acclaimed classic, as it deals with family, love, war, and principally, guilt. I have now read this book twice and I would happily read it again. McEwan’s novel explores the dangerous encounter of childhood imagination and grave reality, as the protagonist’s youthful mistake haunts her … Continue reading In My Good Books: ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan

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The English Pear: Dickens’ Birthday- Orange and Almond Cake

‘“Very good,” said Steerforth. “You’ll be glad to spend another shilling or so, in almond cakes, I dare say?”

I said, “Yes, I should like that, too.”

Charles Dickens – David Copperfield

In celebration of Charles Dickens’ birthday on 7th February, we have put together an almond cake recipe good enough to tempt both you and David. Our orange and almond cake takes inspiration from Dickens’ food allusion but modernises it into something simple and yummy. Be sure to make this cake and host a Dickens-cake and book club this Thursday!
Continue reading The English Pear: Dickens’ Birthday- Orange and Almond Cake