Trending on Twitter: Instagram Museums

A new form of art museum is popping up in major cities all over America. Dubbed the Instagram Museums, these spaces display immersive art displays in themed rooms, designed to produce the perfect Instagram selfie or boomerang. Hearing this, the obnoxious humanities student in me wants to rant about how the idea of tailoring art to Instagram cheapens it to a merely aesthetic object, devoid of meaning or history, and how the popularity of these new museums threatens more traditional art museums. But I’ll try to resist that for the moment. Continue reading Trending on Twitter: Instagram Museums

Alexander Calder Exhibition at the ‘Hauser & Wirth’ Gallery, Somerset

London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong…Somerset? When Swiss contemporary art gallery Hauser & Wirth were deciding on the location of their next outpost, nobody would have guessed that the small, quaint town of Bruton was in the running. Nestled in the beautiful Somerset countryside, what was once an abandoned farm and outbuilding has been transformed into a modern space that hosts exhibitions from world-renowned … Continue reading Alexander Calder Exhibition at the ‘Hauser & Wirth’ Gallery, Somerset

Review: Poltimore Festival 2018

Poltimore Festival 2018, the annual arts and music festival held just outside of Exeter, celebrated its eighth birthday with its most successful event to date at the eponymous aristocratic house on Sunday 27th May. All funds raised from the day, including ticket sales and 30% of the profit from the catering stalls, went towards The Poltimore House Trust whose aim is to renovate the crumbling … Continue reading Review: Poltimore Festival 2018

Investing in Arts and Culture: A Public Conversation on Value and Where We Place It

The panel was held on the 23rd of May at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter. The speakers included experts in Business and Theatre from Exeter University (Beverly Hawkins and Jane Milling respectively), the director of South West Arts Council of England (Clare Titley), the Chairman of the HQ theatres Trust (Stephen Herthington), and the executive director of the Eugene O’Neill Theatre centre, based in … Continue reading Investing in Arts and Culture: A Public Conversation on Value and Where We Place It

Exhibition Review: Another Spring

At the heart of Exeter, almost hidden down Gandy Street, is Exeter Phoenix. Apart from being the home to various ‘Showcase’ events, Phoenix has plenty to offer. It’s an exciting, high-caliber arts venue that is famous for its cinema, theatre, radio station, art workshops and art galleries. From the 4th of May, it is home to Another Spring, an exhibition that showcases the work of … Continue reading Exhibition Review: Another Spring

Review: Jack Dean’s ‘Nuketown’ @ Exeter Phoenix

“Nuketown is a combined storytelling and protest art project about cities, public money and the possible end of life as we know it.” This Monday, 14th of May, Jack Dean reached the second leg of his tour and performed his most recent piece, Nuketown, here at our very own Exeter Phoenix. Jack Dean is an Exeter-based performer and writer who has performed all over the … Continue reading Review: Jack Dean’s ‘Nuketown’ @ Exeter Phoenix