Taylor Swift & Pride Anthems

Until recently, Swift’s decision not to make political statements and attempts to appear politically neutral have caused some controversy among her fans in an increasingly politically divided America. In the past year, however, Swift has started to make moves towards revealing her own political views, supporting her local Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen in the 2018 elections, and releasing her change.org petition in June 2019 to campaign for the US Senate to pass the Equality Act, a bill aiming to protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination. Continue reading Taylor Swift & Pride Anthems

Five LGBTQ+ TV Shows to Binge Right Now

RAZZ have collated together five shows available to stream right now that centre LGBTQ+ stories. Get bingeing to celebrate the end of Pride Month!

Tales of the City – Netflix
For fans of: Alex Strangelove, Easy, All in my Family

Tales of the City is a celebration and evaluation of queer communities. With a stellar cast, this Netflix limited series assesses the trials and tribulations of a family that transcends bloodlines. For queer family-making 101 give this a watch. Continue reading Five LGBTQ+ TV Shows to Binge Right Now

Wild Swimming, Strawberries and Wood Cabins: How to Get Scandi This Summer

WHILE none of the Scandinavian countries have an official religion, summer is worshipped in the region as if it is one. Scandinavians are used to the long, murky winters of the Nordic noir media genre. Danes even joke that the Danish year has 16 months, three of which are November. So, it is no surprise that when summer finally arrives, they know how to make … Continue reading Wild Swimming, Strawberries and Wood Cabins: How to Get Scandi This Summer

“They’re both knobheads really”: Who Can We Trust To Be Our Next PM?

The Conservative Leadership contest is now down to the two final candidates: Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. We are set to find out the new party leader, and our new Prime Minister, in roughly a month. The main differences that have been highlighted are that Jeremy Hunt believes that leaving the European Union with no deal is “political suicide”, whereas Boris Johnson is happy to leave the EU without a deal. But forget about Brexit for now, and let’s look at the nuances. RAZZ have done the heavy lifting for you and have researched each candidate thoroughly in terms of their promises to young people and how their track record stands in relation, so please get ready for a shit tonne of hyperlinks. Time to compare each candidate to the other so that we can prepare for our future. (Spoiler: we’re fucked). Continue reading “They’re both knobheads really”: Who Can We Trust To Be Our Next PM?

RAZZ Pride Icons: Arsham Parsi

Currently 38 years old and living in exile in Canada, Arsham Parsi is an Iranian queer refugee activist working to help his community in Iran. Parsi says that he came to terms with his sexuality early on and after a transgender friend ended her life, he decided he must begin to discreetly help the situation for Iranian queers. This work included helping a local doctor carry out research on HIV among gay and bisexual men in their city, before he turned his efforts to covertly advancing queer civil rights. In 2003 he started a Yahoo group chat called “Voice Celebration” which gained a total of 50 participants who could establish connections and lean on each other for support; all operated under a false identity (including Parsi) due to the dire legal situation for LGBTQ+ people in Iran, which still operates the death penalty. Unfortunately, in 2005, he found out that the Islamic authorities had begun to unravel his identity and were looking for “a gay activist named Arsham,” so he was forced to flee to Turkey where he registered as a refugee and lived for three months before being relocated to Canada. Continue reading RAZZ Pride Icons: Arsham Parsi

RAZZ Pride Icons: The Salsa Soul Sisters, Third World Wimmin Inc Collective

The Salsa Soul Sisters, Third World Wimmin Inc Collective was the first “out” organisation for lesbians, womanists, and women of colour in New York City and is now the oldest black lesbian organisation in the USA. They grew out of the Black Lesbian Caucus of the Gay Activist Alliance, officially splitting in 1974 and inviting Latina women to join (they would also later include Native American and Asian members). Original collective member Candice Boyce said that there “was no other place for women of color to go and sit down and talk about what it means to be a black lesbian in America”. Continue reading RAZZ Pride Icons: The Salsa Soul Sisters, Third World Wimmin Inc Collective

RAZZ Pride Icons: Phillip Picardi

Phillip Picardi, if not already, will be a publishing legend. After completing his degree from NYU in 2012, Picardi began his career working at Racked and Teen Vogue. Two years later, he became senior beauty editor at Refinery 29 but just seven months into the job, Picardi returned to Teen Vogue as digital editorial director (this is all by the age of 25). He worked closely with editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth and creative director Marie Suter, transforming the publication’s branding and turning towards politics, social issues, and activism. Condé Nast said that during Picardi’s time at Teen Vogue, “traffic to TeenVogue.com has increased to more than 9.2 million unique visitors, up from 2.7 million unique visitors last year, mobile traffic more than doubled with an increase of 109 percent year on year, and video viewers grew 989 percent”. Continue reading RAZZ Pride Icons: Phillip Picardi

RAZZ Pride Icons: Brenda Howard

Brenda Howard was a bisexual, polyamorous, LGBTQ+ activist. In a movement that sadly has a tendency to erase bisexual people, Brenda Howard led a fierce fight for bisexual people and helped her LGBTQ+ peers admirably. Most notably, she coordinated a rally to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, AKA the first ever Pride march. Otherwise known as the “Mother of Pride”,  she helped evolve the march into Pride Day, and then into Pride Month. Continue reading RAZZ Pride Icons: Brenda Howard

RAZZ Pride Icons: Bayard Rustin

Martin Luther King Jr.’s right-hand man, a tireless Civil Rights activist, and an openly gay man – Bayard Rustin fought throughout his life against prejudice, yet he still faces a great deal of historical erasure. Born in 1912, Rustin learnt and adopted Quaker values of nonviolence from a very early age. In 1937, he went to college in New York and joined the Young Communist League because of their progressive views on racial issues but left at the start of the Second World War when it began to emphasise support for the Soviet Union. His focus then shifted to socialism and he joined the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) in 1941. In 1944, Rustin was arrested as a “conscientious objector” because he refused to register for the draft, being so against the war as he was, and faced a number of other arrests during his time with FOR. Continue reading RAZZ Pride Icons: Bayard Rustin