Lace, Spanx, Thong or ‘No’ – What Constitutes Consent?

(TW// Rape, sexual assault) Rape is commonly understood to be the act of sexual violence in which a woman is penetrated orally or sexually by a man without having given consent. In today’s society, rape is a frequently and openly discussed topic which has lost much of the stigma and taboo which used to surround it. In recent times, various rape cases have swarmed the … Continue reading Lace, Spanx, Thong or ‘No’ – What Constitutes Consent?

The English Pear: 5 Porridge Recipes

“Ahhh, this porridge is just right,” she said happily and she ate it all up” – The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Porridge is the best way to start your morning. It’s warming, affordable, healthy, and all round delicious. You can make porridge in many ways, but we’ve listed our five favourites below. We always use chunky traditional rolled oats cooked on the hob for the creamiest porridge (microwave porridge traumas pushed us to this). Add the milk of your choice and you’re ready to go! Continue reading The English Pear: 5 Porridge Recipes

Interview with BSO’s Marta Gardolińska

Ben Britton: Congratulations on becoming the BSO’s Leverhulme Young Conductor in Association. Could you tell our readers a bit about what the role entails?

Marta Gardolińska: It is a kind of assisting position, but a bit more than that, because it means I have three main responsibilities. One is covering for all the conductors, which means whenever they get sick, whenever they don’t catch a plane, I am there and I have to take over either the rehearsal or concert. The second thing is working with the Participation Department, which organises school concerts and the BSO Resound Concerts, a lot of outreach work. So, I am usually the person who goes to conduct the bigger concerts of these programmes. And I have a series of concerts with the actual BSO throughout the season; one of them is tonight.
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Review: BSO’s Smooth Classics Vol. 2

On Wednesday, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra brought to Exeter a different form of concert to the standard set-up. As the conductor, Marta Gardolińska, explained to me in my pre-concert interview for RAZZ, it was a night designed to attract those less familiar with classical music with a variety of musical delights. Rather than one or two shorter pieces, an interval, and then a symphony (as is typically done in contemporary concerts), the evening consisted of a tremendous sequence of pieces by a whole range of composers. The title of the evening was ‘Smooth Classics, Vol. 2’ with pieces chosen for their relaxing temperament. This being said, there was a multitude of emotions amongst the pieces of music, which the BSO asserted clearly in their performance. Continue reading Review: BSO’s Smooth Classics Vol. 2

Review: Shakespeare Society’s ‘Twelfth Night’

Rated one of the top 3 pubs in Exeter on Trip Advisor, and an unlikely destination for a take on arguably Shakespeare’s most famous comedy, I – having never been to the Hole In The Wall – walked in expecting to see a theatre-like stage and chairs. Instead I arrived to a small arrangement of rowed wooden seats and benches, from which an audience watched … Continue reading Review: Shakespeare Society’s ‘Twelfth Night’

Review: Non-Binary Electro Hour @ Exeter Phoenix

With all forms of theatre that promise to be personal, political, and a tad eccentric, I do my best to go in with no expectations, allowing the show to paint over the blank canvas of my mind, to educate and enlighten me. For Non-Binary Electro Hour, I certainly couldn’t have done it any other way. An electrifying spectacle of art, impersonations, politics and spoken word, the show was a unique and eye-opening exploration of gender through performance.
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Review: Double Bill: Bitter About Glitter/Deuce

A festival of trans, non-binary and gender queer theatre in Exeter, what’s not to love? Come as You Are was the sort of thing that I had never been to before but was something I had to get my queer self over to straight away. The double bill of Bitter About Glitter and Deuce were, though some of the least obscure of the shows on offer, the two that were most intriguing. Besides the brief description of them online, there wasn’t a lot of information available beforehand and so I went in unsure of what to expect. That said, I still came out slightly underwhelmed. Continue reading Review: Double Bill: Bitter About Glitter/Deuce

In My Good Books: ‘The Pursuit of Love’ by Nancy Mitford

Originally published in 1945, The Pursuit of Love is a tale of domesticity. This novel follows the protagonist’s quest for a husband and, preferably, love. Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love offers a light-hearted romance with under-pinning tragic elements, as the characters navigate their complex social obligations. The heroine of the novel (Linda Radlett) is an outspoken and strong-willed character, who is simultaneously endearing and exasperating … Continue reading In My Good Books: ‘The Pursuit of Love’ by Nancy Mitford

The Hate U Give: Disrupting The Single Story of Black Stereotypes

‘THUG LIFE’: Rapper and Activist Tupac Shakur said the acronym stands for The Hate You Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone. “That’s the hate they are giving us… a system designed against us. That’s thug life” – Angie Thomas Angie Thomas’ Young Adult bestseller, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, has been adapted into an equally hard-hitting film. Through the complex characters, the film fully … Continue reading The Hate U Give: Disrupting The Single Story of Black Stereotypes

Review: Henry V at Exeter Northcott

The production of Shakespeare’s Henry V recently performed at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre by Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory was given shining 4-star reviews from The Guardian, The Times, What’s on Stage and many others, and it’s really not hard to see why. Lily Arnold, Matthew Graham, and Jane Curnow’s collaboration on set, lighting, and costumes brought the stage to life, with it’s minimalistic scenery of … Continue reading Review: Henry V at Exeter Northcott